Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I wasn't planning on being one of those people...

...that tosses her blog to the wayside and posts only on Instagram.
Lately..I have been her. Blogs take a long time. ..but I will try and keep up.
For myself. I want to.

Our neighbors are family.
The kids have been blessed to grow up with each other the past 14 years...{and counting!}

It's nice to have a casual.last dogs over the fire dinner.
To kids it's the best...followed by s'mores of course.

End of day..the golden hour is so pretty.

He's my favorite...the way he turns into a 14 year old boy on the 4th of July...
his love for shooting off fireworks and wearing light-up fedoras makes him
all the more cuter to me.

Riding scooters around town.Cucumbers from the garden.
Paw Patrol flip flops on the wrong feet...can life get any better?
He thinks not.

Happy Summer Days.