Friday, February 5, 2016

Fashion Tip Friday...Not Your Average Hair Tutorial.

Wake up late? No time for hair? We can help.
Today we'll be sharing a video on "the messy bun"...
....and a few more tips {and the budget friendly products} we love at the bottom of this post....
....since the video...well...just watch.

Anh Co Tran is going to use this...I just know it.

Hair Tips

1. ALWAYS use product. Your hair will thank you.
{Wait...what is product you ask? It's hair cream..hairspray....etc.}

There is so much on the market to protect and enhance your hair.
If you're using a curling iron, a flat iron or a blow dryer without a heat protector...'re KILLING your hair.

Product will make your hair look so much nicer too. It gives it a more finished look.
{Just don't over use.... THIS is not the goal.    

Our Favorite Heat Protectors....

 This is my favorite's a little pricey, but it lasts forever.
I only have to purchase one bottle a year as opposed to a cheaper product more often.

Here is a less expensive product that I've also used and really liked.

Gianna's Favorite

Our Favorite Hairspray...

Dana and I use THIS hairspray.
To be quite honest, THIS is my favorite....but I don't like paying for it.
I don't mind something that will last for a long time...but hairspray, it goes quick.

Stephanie and Caitlin use THIS.
Gianna uses Not Your Mother's  ...unless your mother uses it. But I'm sure it's still not your mother's.

Finally...I LOVE THIS silkening gloss.
It smells SO good. You only use a little, tiny the bottle will last you a very, very long time.
{I've had mine for almost 2 years!}

So.... to wrap up this post.

Even if you don't have time to do your can still make it look nice.
If you do a bun, don't slick it back...keep it loose with a little hair out to make for a more natural look.
{although the slick look is coming back..I'm not a fan quite yet}
Add a headband, pretty earrings, lipstick! Accessorizing will make you look and feel polished.

With a little spray and a curl here or there you will look put together with very little effort.
If you're not sure what you're doing....just ask one of us!
We'll be more than happy to answer any questions.

Gianna didn't make it into our movie this time...she was visiting her little dolly in the NICU.
They are both doing great....just waiting on little Shaylene to eat and breath better.
{Thanks for the picture Kayla}

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Very Casual Italian Herb Breadsticks

Casual breadsticks because I don't really have exact baking times, measurements or ingredients...
...So easy to really can't mess these guys up...even with my laid back recipe.

I wrote out the ingredients for a great big batch.
I was able to make 35 breadsticks and 2 small loaves of bread.
Freeze what you don't'll be happy to have the leftovers!

Toss in bowl...
3 T. yeast
3 1/2 cups of warm/hot water
1 tsp. salt
1/2 cup of olive oil {or any cooking oil}
2-3 Tablespoons of Italian herbs {I used a blend..garlic, thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil}
1/2 cup honey or sugar

Add 7 cups of cup at a time {add a little extra flour if your dough is too sticky}

Knead in mixer for 5 minutes.
Let rise 30-45 minutes
Roll out dough into breadsticks {remember...they double in size in the oven!}
Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes...{or until golden brown}
Brush with melted butter. You can even sprinkle a little garlic powder on top.

Serve with soup.pasta.salad...your options are endless.
Enjoy! XxOo

Friday, January 29, 2016

Fashion Tip Friday.

The midst of winter.
The time where we feel the most UN-beautiful.

Our skin is dry and faded and pasty from the lack of sunshine on our face.
We're trying to break our sugar addictions and get back into a healthy routine...
....but sweet treats still call. {Oh this is such a hard one for me!}

I long for a tan. healthy hair. brighter eyes. a less tired body.
and quite honestly...I get tired of those chunky sweaters I was so excited about back in October.
How about you?

Sometimes all I need is a little inspiration to get back on the right track.
a picture of someone pretty. an article written.
a recommendation of something wonderful from a friend.
{sometimes seeing myself in a dressing room is inspiration enough...Ha!}

My sisters ^ sisters and I would like to be your inspiration this winter!
During the month of February we will be sharing and hosting and giving!

We will share some of our favorite beauty products. beauty tips. clothing ideas.
By the end of February you will feel like a brand new new you. {or at least be a little inspired}

Looking forward to February.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A movie concerning your chocolate cake falling apart...on National Chocolate Cake Day.

What do you do when your chocolate cake that you worked SOOOO hard on
crumbles to pieces on National Chocolate Cake Day?

1. You can cry.
2. You can visit your nearest bakery.
3. You can choose to Not eat chocolate cake...but really...what kind of person would do that?
4. You can turn your cake into a shake! {Hey..if Portillo's can do it.....}

The Chocolate Cake Shake....
{Let me tell you..WOW! Not sure which is better? The cake or the shake?}

Last year's Chocolate Cake movie {if you're interested}

And I know the world doesn't really like him anymore....but Bill's chocolate cake story.
...I crack up every.single.time.

HaPpY NaTiOnAl ChOCoLaTe CaKe DaY!!!
Let them eat cake....

Monday, January 25, 2016

Around here lately.... at the table.
..piano practice.
.....playing in the snow. {I'm quite jealous of everyone out east...all that beautiful snow!}
...homemade chicken soup and breadsticks.
....afternoon naps under warm blankets.
...slower, later mornings....

...that's what winter is made of around here.

...and this little guy found a long forgotten King Size Kit Kat way back in a kitchen cabinet
he was playing in. It was supposed to be on top of a Christmas gift...Whoops!

We were all with him..but obviously not paying attention!
By the time we realized what he was doing,
he made his way through almost the entire candy bar! and was quite happy about it.

Hope your week is off to a great start.
Happy Monday.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hey Ladies...Here are 10 things you need to hear.

It was late in the evening....
I had just finished giving Jeff a verbal list of what HE has been
doing wrong lately concerning our marriage.

There was a lot I had to say. Other women would've been "Amen-ing" all over my little lecture.

With arrogant confidence  a self righteous attitude a poor, heart broken....I went up to bed...alone.
He said he was going to finish taking care of some things and would be upstairs in a minute.

Head on my pillow, I opened up my iPad to read a little when what to my surprise should pop up!?
 10 Ways to Win Your Spouse Over  

Look how the Lord provides....I knew this was probably just what Jeff needed to hear.
Thinking we could read over the list "together" I quickly started scanning to see if it was up to par.

It took all of 3 minutes for me to feel horrible. HORRIBLE!!!

{Thank you Darlene Schacht for once again opening my eyes to the self centered-ness that is in me.}

The Time Warp Wife listed 10 ways to keep your marriage alive. 10 ways to be a good wife.

Number 1. Don't compare him to other men.
I wasn't comparing him to other men....but I was comparing us to other couples.
You know, the perfect couples that vacation every weekend in Hawaii and go on romantic dates every single night. You don't know anyone like that? Riiiiiggght...because they don't exist!

Number 2. Don't try to fix him.
Guilty. I was doing fixing...or at least trying to.

Number 3. Pray for him daily.
I pray for get to work and home safe each day, to have a good day...but pray for him?
...REALLY pray for him...I've been lazy about praying for my husband.

Then I got to Number 9...Out serve him.
Wow! I have NOT been doing this.

I had a lot to say about his time management, yet my little schedule could use some tweaking.

If you're going to call someone to the carpet, you better make sure you vacuumed your own rug first.
Yes, I had reason to be upset...but the way I handled it could have been better.

I also let myself be blinded to what I was doing wrong.
I absolutely love Time-Warp Wife.Her story is amazing and she always points me in the right direction.

Marriage can be tough sometimes...but it's also one of the greatest gifts on the planet!
Don't waste precious time letting silly things get in the way of the two of you.

So read her list of 10 ways and be encouraged.

Now go love your spouse.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ode to Cheese...Happy National Cheese Lover's Day.

Growing up I'd have a piece of American cheese on a sandwich or cheddar on my taco.
At the age of seventeen I was introduced to cream cheese at a church brunch... that point, I would have considered myself well rounded in the cheese world.

Then I met Jeff. Cheese King of the universe.

"I love cheese" he said. "Me too!" I agreed.
I soon came to realize his love ran a bit deeper than the Romano blend I thought was so fancy.

Jeff ate cheese in chunks, not slices. Jeff made meals out of cheese.
His motto..."Everything is better with cheese".
He's right.

In the past few years we have become lovers of the cheese spread.
We always  put out a simple cheese spread at Thanksgiving and New Year's....
...simple because other foods trump holidays..silly old turkey.

However, I am super excited to go all out with my sister this upcoming weekend
at an event we get to help her and her husband cater. {pictures next week..I promise!}

So in honor of National Cheese Lover's Day...
...a few fun facts I've learned about putting out a cheese tray.

1. Cheese should be eaten at room temperature...make sure to take cheese out an hour before serving.
2. On a cheese tray, have a variety..but usually no more than five to six choices.
3. Figure an ounce of cheese per cheese per person.
4. While eating cheese,you want to start with the most mild and work your way up to the sharpest.
5. Pair cheese with crackers, breads, dried berries, fresh fruit, nuts and even olives!

If you live in Chicago or New York...check out this place.
They have an amazing cheese selection. {amazing everything selection..I love it there.}

...and can we please just take a moment for this wedding cake made completely of cheese?
{sorry no photo credit..I found this circling the internet with no link back to where it came from}

I think Jeff would plan a whole wedding and marry me again this weekend to have this cake!

Now go eat a piece of cheese to celebrate the day.
Cheese is everywhere...and the plethora in today's grocery store leaves
you no excuse to try something new.

Happy Cheese Day.