Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When Hockey Fails. Plan B.

Can we get a group shot?

Take 1....

Take 2....

....and Take 3.

Plan B...B for Bowling.
We had plans for a Sunday night hockey game...all of us pictured.
A mix up with the sister in law's grand idea...a fabulous Groupon found...
....Bowling it was!


Like everyone else in the country...we have snow. Already. is snowing right now. Just flurries. Again.
...and the temperature? 14 degrees. -3 with the windchill.
Don't worry's going to warm up to 18 tonight...and we have a high of 24 tomorrow.
Heatwave in November!

I'm about ready to break my "No Christmas movies before Thanksgiving rule".
So far I've {sort of} been strong. Does "Little Women" count?

{Sammy took pictures out the window early Sunday morning before church. ^^^}
The kids are elated for snow. My children want to live where it's cold year round. Crazy kids!

I actually wrote all of the above on Monday. It's been sitting on my screen since then.
Life is a little crazy in our house. Good crazy. But crazy nonetheless.

Last week I was pretty sick. If you're a nursing mom, I have some information here you may be interested in. If you are a probably wouldn't be interested in the link, so don't bother. ;)

This week I feel so much better.
We're catching up on things around the house. Laundry.School....all the good stuff.

Hope you're having a good week.

Friday, November 7, 2014

"Mom, those puffy bags under your eyes...

....they make you look pretty."

I hadn't looked into the mirror yet! I have puffy eyes? Ugh.

Oh dear daughter of mine, pretty?...Ha!
I wanted to complain about the tired looking eyes...instead I simply told her.."Thank you."
It was first thing in the morning after all....and by first thing in the morning, I mean 10:00 am.

Things have {temporarily} changed around here.
My usually early start schedule has become more of a late start schedule.

I have been sooooo tired in the mornings. (Just look at my eyes! ;)
I could seriously lay in bed...husband next to me, baby in my arms...and sleep for days.

I always feel like I'm wasting the day if I don't accomplish everything early.
But really, we have no place to's not a big deal if we sleep in. We'll still get to everything.
We home school...I can start teaching later if I want, that's one of the perks, right?

I need to stop stressing over the standard I've made up in my head.
and I need to stop looking at people's early morning coffee instagrams!

My sister posted a link to this article was really good.

Brothers in hoodies....the oldest and the youngest.

He sucks his thumb...we think it's adorable.


What are you up to this weekend?
We are having friends over for dinner tonight. I'm making lasagna.
It's going to be chilly around's getting down into the 20's at night next week.
I foresee a lot of fires in the wood stove and a lot of baking in our future.

Been listening to this song and this song  all week.

Happy Friday.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Over the weekend....

He loved being held in this position...squishy faced and all.
I love the sweet, little giraffe slippers.

Sunday morning...pancakes and bacon.

"Okay..but do I have to keep the scarf on the whole time during church? I don't like scarves."
I pretended this did not come out of my daughters mouth.
P.S. I let her take the scarf off when she arrived at church...


Two of the boys cleaned up the yard...pulled the rest of the garden up...cleaned and burned leaves.
We actually still had broccoli and a few peppers growing and ready to be picked.
Outside is looking so empty.

Frankie's first time making Sunday dinner....pasta of course. ;)

The reason ^^^ having a crib with a newborn is a complete waste in our house!
Seriously...he's the most cuddliest little thing in the world!

It's November now.
I like November...A lot.

It's a chillier version of October...
Our wood stove begins to warm the house.
Mittens become necessity...I love mittens...{until March that is..}
We make hand print turkeys and read stories about Pilgrims.
We plan our Thanksgiving menu and make apple pies and pumpkin bread and beef stew.

And maybe, just maybe I love November so much because the holidays are right around the corner.
Also...just thought I'd mention...we will be cutting down our Christmas tree in 23 days!

Does anyone know of a job that my husband can work from home? and make millions?
I like him better home. Him of the only reasons I really don't care for Mondays.
Otherwise..I like the start of a fresh, new week.

Hope your Monday was grand.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

5 Things. 4 Pictures.

1. My favorite baby item so Tricot Slen wrap.
How I wish I would have had it when my other five were babies.
If you are pregnant right one! You will not be disappointed.

2. She went to "work" this afternoon at the orchard..with her Auntie Stephanie.
I canNOT tell you how excited she was when she left. She kissed me goodbye 3 times.

3. Our little guy sleeps so much. He's growing. Today he weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs.

4. We slowly started back to school this week since the baby.
It was easier than I thought it would be.

5. Tomorrow is the last day of October...I can't believe it.
The holiday season is just around the corner.
{Only 27 days until we cut down our Christmas Tree!!!...but who's counting?}

Happy Thursday.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fashion Tip Friday ~

I just had a baby. Which means...I have nothing to wear. Nothing fits me.
Maternity clothes are too regular clothes are too small.
{I was however able button a pair of my "fat" jeans when I tried them on the other day.
Let's just say...muffin top to the extreme...actually it was more like loaf top!}
So...leggings and stretchy cotton it least for a while.

And I'm fine with it...I'd rather be chubby with a new little baby than slim and in shape without him.
He's worth the few extra pounds. :)

But, I still feel gross when I look in the mirror.
So what to do when you are feeling not so in shape?

Fix yourself up in other ways.
Ways you have control over.

Like your...

Fixing up always makes a person feel better.
Sort of like a hot shower when you've been sick on the couch for a couple days.

If you're feeling not quite yourself, get a manicure. Or do one yourself.
Run to Target and pick out a nail color you've never worn before..
...something outside your norm.

Get a haircut, or a new hair style.
Even just a trim will make your ends look healthier and make you feel more fresh.

Go to the nearest makeup counter and pick out a new lipstick for fall.
Or have one of the lovely ladies do your makeup for you.
I recently started using this product and LOVE it!

I would really like to purchase these. However, they're a bit pricey.
Very adorable, but  I'm sure I can find a cheaper version somewhere.

How about a new perfume?
At the moment, I really like...
...this line {currently I wear Unconditional Love..Jeff bought it for me last Christmas}
....and these are so fun!  I love the citrus and the fruity lines. and they last forever on your skin!

If you do small things to take care of yourself,
You won't feel so bad about the things you don't like.

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

He can't....

 ....stretch alone.

...yawn alone.

....sleep alone.

If the boy is looking for "me time",
he isn't going to get least anytime soon!

It's exhausting being popular.

Out of the last 109 pictures taken with my iPad...there is only one without him in it.
We're out of control over here!!!

*I vow to not overload the blog with baby pictures....after this week. ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Labor. Baby...One week later.

The past week I have done nothing except...
...Stare at the baby. Kiss the baby. Look at the baby. Hold the baby. Gawk over the baby.
Kiss the baby. Smell the baby..and Kiss the baby! Lots of kissing going on over here.

I've answered hardly any phone calls and I have a million texts to text back. {sorry everyone}
It's bad...It's like I'm a first time mom again. Don't ask me about the baby...
I'll start's been way too long since I've had a newborn and I'm completely smitten!


..Started around 5:00-6:00 pm...delivered little Franklin James at 9:52 pm.
{However...I was having contractions on and off for a day or so}

.....He was born at home. Loved it!
It was so relaxing not being hooked up to wires and monitors and an IV.
I also have an incredible husband.
He was amazing...I could not imagine going through it without him. He kept me focused.

..A little stuck for a short while, his arm and hand came out along with his head.
Ouch!..for both of us.

....My mom delivered the baby! :)

....My girls were home...different room while I delivered, but they saw the baby soon after.
"I've never seen a fresh baby!" ~ Allison, 10 minutes after he was born.

..My mom, my sisters and a really good friend were here along with my midwife, a nurse and Jeff.
I couldn't have done it without them. They were the team that would have been in the hospital.
Getting things ready and changing bedding and taking care of food and little girls!
They did so, SO much.

.....His birth weight was 8 lb 2 oz...the biggest of all my babies!
I'm not saying it was all the doughnuts..but maybe it was. But probably not.

Labor hurts. Really bad. It's intense, it's hard and it can be exhausting at times.
(I maaaaay have said I don't want to do this anymore once or twice during it all. ;)

But despite the physical pain, it's a beautiful, miraculous process..bringing a new life into this world.
It's amazing how God designed a woman's body to create a whole little human being.
A brand new person!
Yes labor hurts...but I love going through it as silly as that sounds. I love the feeling afterward...
...the euphoric high you get when you hold that precious little baby on your chest for the first time.
There is nothing like it. Nothing.

I love how I fall more in love with my husband when I look at our baby...
...and it melts me when I see him holding our new little guy.

Proud Daddy and his temporary tattoo. ^^ 

....We call him Frankie.

...Today he is a week old. I can't believe it's been a week already!

....He's been a really good baby so far in his whole 7 days of being here.
(I know this is subject to change...but we chatted and decided it won't! ;)

We are so very thankful.