Friday, January 18, 2019

Wrapping up the week...a song.I can sort of talk perspective...and that same sweater.

I am happy it's the weekend..not because I hate weekdays..I actually don't mind them.
I just really like having Jeff around...and he happens to be around on the weekends.

We are supposed to get snow tonight..lots of snow!
I hope the forecast is correct.

I lost my voice and couldn't talk all's sort of coming back.
You should have heard..{or NOT heard!} our school table the other was so quiet!
I could only whisper..which made the kids whisper back. Haha.

Which then made me think..are they only loud because I'm loud?
Go ahead and try to blame my Italian DNA..
I know that's what you're thinking..but it's not me!
They get it from their father.

I saw this video posted by a couple of people this week... stomach gets twisty every time I watch..and why do I keep watching?
I almost didn't want to show my boys..the daredevils don't need any inspiration.

Hmmm... a little perspective.

I have been stalking this sweater since October ...and now it's out of stock.
I'm on their email list and I'm holding out.. should be on clearance for $30 soon , right? It will..I can feel it.

Well.... here I share a laid back, simple, soft version of this song ...and I really like it.
{...maybe because I really like them :) }

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A memory making, parenting regret we have...but are now changing as of last year.

In the great words of Cher...
"If I could turn back tiiiimeee...if I could find a waaaay...
I'd take back all the years that we didn't vacation..and we'd gooooo!"
Those are the lyrics, right?

It's not like we haven't taken our kids places...
....we really have taken some fun trips over the years.

Aaaannnd it's not like they haven't had fun on the homefront...
..I mean, if you need a tour guide in my kids.
Go ahead..ask them where to find the best doughnut
or which museum is the most fun to visit. {wink}

However..we DO wish we would have made a family trip a yearly priority..
...even if it was just a weekend of camping.

Last year..our friends {that are basically family!}
asked us to join them out in Montana.

Jeff to my surprise..said Yes!

If it wasn't for them.. I KNOW we wouldn't have gone this past summer.
I can't tell you how thankful we are for the little push they gave us to go.

Also..let me just note here...camping in a TENT for 10 days?
Yeeeaahhh...that was big for me...but now I can say..Sooo worth it.

Montana was a place Jeff had been dying to take our family..
...and finally, finally it happened! and not because of us.

Well..sort of because of us, wink! but it wasn't our idea to go.
I know Jeff and Liz..we would have continued on...
engrossed in our usual, busy, summer schedule.
We can sometimes be a little too practical and rational.

Well..this ended up being by far, one of our family favorites.
..if not THE favorite.

{The only sad thing was..our oldest wasn't able to come with..sniff, sniff}
This is why you need to go! :) They grow up!

As I was going through some pictures..trying to organize the masses...
...I was distracted {for like an hour!} by all of our Montana pictures.

Now all we want to do, is go back! Ha.
It made me think..and then Jeff think.. matter what..we are going to do some sort of getaway.

Something every year. Something to connect our family.
Have fun together..even if it's just for a weekend.

So, other parents out there..let me encourage you... Plan a trip!!!
Make memories. Even if the plan is's still a memory.

Making memories doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant.
Making memories doesn't have to be Disney World.
{FYI...our children may end up in therapy one day..the only children on earth
to never visit the most magical kingdom in all the land..cough!
I know, I know, I can feel the shameful stares as you read my blog..}

Making memories can be as simple as two nights in a nearby hotel.
It's just the thrill of packing your bag and going somewhere. Together!
...vacating life for a time.

Also..going through pictures, I found this little gem.
...under the St.Louis Arch...100 years ago...
..everyone was sooo little....and there was no Frankie yet..
.and I was wearing cowboy boots.

Go forth. Make memories.
Your kids will be grown up all too soon.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cleaning out the bathroom closet, my underwear drawer, my soul and my dirty, dirty heart.

I don't think there is a woman in America who isn't purging her home right now...
Thank You Netflix and Marie Kondo.

I actually started clearing things out back in November..
...when my sister got me hooked on Allie Casazza.

I don't think we've ever owned less and haven't wanted more!
It's been a very freeing process.
We truly do not understand how clutter and stuff takes up not only space in our
house, but space in our minds! It's crazy how your eyes open up when you make room.

This is going to sound corny and cliche...
..but it's really been helping me to focus on the bigger things in life.
What I REALLY need and what I REALLY want.

Like more whipped cream on my coffee...hold on a minute.

Ok..I'm back.

I was listening to a girl on instagram talk about her underwear, and pregnancies
and how she hasn't bought a new pair in a long, long time.
She was hilarious..and all of a sudden I realized... That's me!!!
Yikes! Haha.

I was also told by a super, duper, very close friend, who I happen to
share a bedroom  with that I need to step up my game in the "clothing" department..
{ know what I'm talking about, right?}

Get out of the comfy, cotton, joggers.
It's hard know? When you have older kids in your house!
This is a post for another time! But I'm going to write it!

I'm going to write it because...
1. I want to encourage you!
2. I need to motivate myself!

We need to dress improperly, which is proper for our husbands.
Did you see what I did there? wink.

Okay..moving on.
My son is in the next picture for Pete's sake!!!
Next topic.

I started a new study with a friend on the You Version Bible App.
It's called Dangerous Prayers.

I love it! ...and I don't!
I don't because...I'm seeing things I don't want to see in myself.
I love it because...I'm seeing things I don't want to see in myself.

"What we fear the most reveals where we trust God the least."
Ouch. I'm seeing all sorts of areas I'm not trusting God.

Anyway..get the the study.
You'll love it.and you won't.but you will.


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Say cheese! on these warm.January.snow-less and hopefully not so sick anymore days.

Weeeellll...Hello there.

It was his first day out of the house since Christmas Day.
He's been pretty sick. Fever.Cold.Cough..all that good stuff.

Fresh air is good for the soul.
We went for a was 52 degrees outside.

I opened windows and aired out the house.
It smelled spring.

My kids are not happy about this weather...I know, I know.
They are wanting to sled and snowboard and most fish.

According to sources not's the reason God created winter.
Ice Fishing.

Not to worry...cold is coming children.
..and will be here aaaall the way until April.

Thanks to my husband and rich and big heart-ed children..
...after a hundred years of wanting and waiting...
..and a birthday that just passed over the weekend...
...I am the owner of a new lens I wanted reeeealllly bad for my camera.
They are the best.
Now say cheese and smile! ;)

Here's to colder weather..and maybe some snow?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 I supposed to be all inspirational and sweaty from the gym and choose a word right now?

...I'll get around to those things.

Next week....
..when we start back in school.
...and I feel more motivated.
..and my kids are healthy again.
...AFTER I fill out my calendar and new 2019 planner.
...when the chocolate cake has been eaten.
....when the government "opens up" again.

Cheers! Happy New Year.
{Did you notice the little "N" on my sparkling grape juice glass?}

Right now we're still on Christmas break.
The only "word" popping into my head for the next couple of days is.. Relax.
After this..the TV gets shut off.

Have you watched "The Life Changing Magic" show?
My girls and I started it this afternoon...then we cleaned.
My house feels soooo empty with all the Christmas clutter gone.
I love it. I love clean.

AND...Have you watched The Little Women series on Amazon Prime?
Oh! You have's so, so good!

All I'm trying to say here is... I need more time!
Sheesh..I just vacuumed the last of the pine needles.
I'll get around to working out and eating healthier very soon...but not this week.

So to those who are feeling the pressure of having to run to the gym and pick a word...
Don't! Seriously..2019 JUST started!
You have 12 months to get to the gym and sift through the pages of the dictionary.

You know I'm half kidding, right? Right?

HaPpY January 2.2019

Monday, December 31, 2018

Real quick before the brand new year begins...

{SO many little boys...I love them all!}
"...and then I said to the guy, Listen..." with the hands.
What oh what was he chatting on about?

I wanted to throw up the last of my 2018 pictures!
This little space doesn't need to boast Christmas after the New Year. end the very last day of the year...{I can't believe it!}...
..heeeeeere's Christmas! {in mostly low quality, bad lighting, but memorable photos!}

Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's.
Christmas Day at Jeff's brother and sister in law's house.

A dessert I've only made twice, but I LOVE...a Cinnamon Dolce Latte Cake.
HERE you can find a recipe link from the last time I made it.

Little Collette..she is a Doll, Doll, DOLL!!!

I absolutely love the time of night..umm...I mean early morning {wink} right before
Jeff and I head off to bed...the tree is lit up.the presents put out.the stockings filled.
after Santa eats the cookies and all is quiet and all is perfect.
It's one of my favorite moments of the year..and I love my husband so much!

My sister's crescent cookies. My other sister's pretty tray.
Let me tell you..I don't have proof in photos here..but if you are trying to NOT eat sweets..
don't try it in front of the Christmas spread put out at my parent's every Christmas Eve.
Sugar High. That's all I have to say about that.

Amongst the Christmas chaos...notice the stray shoe..
..I wanted a "nice" picture of us...this was the best. For real. Not joking.
We'll call it the best out of 15.

In a fit of purging..I accidentally donated my dear son's book on prayer. Yikes!
I went through every single book shelf at goodwill..TWICE!

I didn't find the book..Dear Amazon, I need you.
I didn't find the book...but I did find 6 boxes of
vintage glass ornaments to add to my tree!
AND..they were only 99 cents a box!!!!

This Santa Clause key has been put out for 21 Christmas Eves.

My niece Madison.

I have no idea how many cookies we decorated this year...a million? billion?

One of my favorite things that happened this year...
He had no idea he was getting presents! He only thought he was giving them.

When I told him the night before Christmas that he was going to get gifts, he said...
"I am? I'm getting presents? Who is giving me presents?"
Oh my heart....cry, cry, cry! The innocence.

*He did know Santa was bringing him a gift.
Our kids only get one gift from Santa... that's all he was expecting for Christmas.*

If dad says No...ask Papa.
He'll hunt down a battery for you..wink.

2018 is going out with a bang!
Not really. It's pretty boring around here.

We have a couple of sickies in our house.
We're missing the annual big Savino NYE bash tonight!

Instead we're laying low..
Taking naps..watching movies...eating lil smokies...port wine cheese..
..and of course, we baked a chocolate buttermilk cake.

We're in jammies and sweat pants all cozy-ied up
watching it snow outside our window.

Peace Out 2018!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

City.Country.Music.Cookies.Candles.Coffee.Morning Frost....we didn't start the fire.

Double points if you get my title.
{Yeah..I made myself laugh} HERE and let this pretty song play while you scroll.
Man I miss the days when music played on was the best!

Now...onto my little entry here.
I'm not sure which I love better at Christmas time..the city or the country.
So glad I can have the best of both worlds.

It's hardly snowed this year...maybe twice? I've been wearing sweaters and a scarf outside.
My kids are complaining about the lack of winter.

It's coming's coming..we just wish it were here BEFORE Christmas!
...and gone by April. Which it won't be..I'm sure we'll have a blizzard on Easter.

I could just squeeze him forever!!!
That's his favorite hat...and that little, mini-man jacket..sigh..he's so grown up.

I have this little coffee cup addiction...{..don't ask my kids about it.}
Each season I buy a new one...and purge the old.

Listen to me...what you pour your coffee into,
determines the quality of your beverage.

I'm not tastes better in a new, super cute mug/cup.

Not everyone in the house agrees with my theory..
..but I did buy us lovebirds coordinating ones for Christmas.
Thank you Hobby Lobby.

Favorite thing about my life? The people in it.
One in particular...wink.|

What do you think about his beard?
I LOVE the way it looks...but the way it feels? Hmmm....

We are officially on Christmas break.
We are officially making 11,000 cookies this week.
We are officially probably going to eat 10,000 of them before Christmas Eve.

"It looks like my Nutcrackers have been in Sid's room!"
...Sam, owner of the Nutcrackers and kind brother to the Nutcracker dismantler.
Sam...also thankful for hot glue guns.

I usually keep an antique bowl of pinecones on my table during Christmas.
This year we went fancy.
I can't tell you how many times the kids have lit the candles.

I'm mostly wrapped already!
It's truly a Christmas miracle.

Hope you're enjoying your holiday season.
We are.