Wednesday, August 29, 2018

We went on a trip. To Montana.

Since I met him.. almost twenty five years ago..he has been telling me we're moving to Montana.
Oh that I have been, I can totally see why you love it there so much.
I am SO {for the most part.. if all of our family moves with us..wink} on board!!!

I loved every minute of our trip..except a few parts of the Highline Trail...
...where I was convinced someone was going to lose their life.
{if you're afraid of'll totally be on my side..go ahead! Google!}

Since I am a simple writer...I will give you a simple wrap up of our trip.

....spent a week camping in West Glacier.
...slept in tents.
..stood in awe of God's creation.
....hiked a million miles.
...ate lots of things huckleberry.
....saw the Milky Way.
..saw three bears.a baby moose.lots of mountain goats.even more deer.
....ate breakfast by the campfire each morning.
..experienced low humidity. {Midwest I am so done with all this humidity!..not bitter}
....went fly fishing.
..jumped off of high rocks into the water by the waterfalls.
....ran down lonely, open roads.
..did gymnastics in the street.
...collected mini pine-cones.
....ate one too many s'mores.
..made the most amazing memories.

FYI...the Highline Trail is 500 feet straight above this road.

{Did you notice the people at the very top?
...there are actually people in all but three of my pictures.. just have to look closely.}

Morning eyes..are the best.  {go the pink for a laugh}

..the flowers throughout pretty.

Jeff and I thought this chalet would be so cozy and romantic in the winter...
but then...well.. this photo.  

One of the best weeks ever.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Wrapping up the week...a sweet, little love song, a funny video and let the candles burn.

Everyone's back at school...we're still over here enjoying summer...for two more weeks at least.
However, life is still crazy and busy and guess what? Edward's opens today!!!
...which means doughnuts and cider and candles that smell like cinnamon apple pies are baking
and fresh picked apples and me making multiple trips a day with boys who need rides to work.
It's the beginning stages of Fall..but it's still summer...but it's almost FALL!!!'s still summer though.
{but Fall is coming..Soon! really, really soon..I'm not excited or anything}

Have you guys seen this video? Too funny..and true!

I shared this sweet, little love song on my Instagram stories this week.
My love language is music..{and maybe food..wink}... dear husband sends me songs all the love notes.
It's one of my favorite things we do..share songs.

I finally started going through all of our Montana pictures over the past two days...
Ahhh!!! ...I want to go back. I'll share next week.

Off to eat a doughnut and buy a new candle.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Give me a home where the buffalo {and the wild horses and the prairie dogs} roam...North Dakota.

Early in the morning, on the last day of July, our family...
{minus our oldest..insert crying how things change when kids get older}...
..and two of my younger brothers, packed our cars with tents and pillows and trail mix
and whipped cream and cocoa powder and a whisk and a tiny pot.
...because there is no reason to camp withOUT your posh, morning coffee!

With cars bursting at the seams, our little caravan headed out west.
Like the cowboys. Like Lewis and Clark. Like the pioneers.
...only we had paved roads {most of the way} and perhaps slightly better gear.
We were headed to a campground with a fancy built in pool and a hot tub...
...and really nice showers and running water and an ice cream shop.
We also stayed two nights in a hotel along the way.

I imagine this was pretty much the same as those who followed The Oregon Trail.

We were on our way to Glacier to meet up with our best-est friends and neighbors.
..but first, we made a stop in North Dakota.

Which I never knew was SO pretty!!!
{...hello sunflower fields!}

 ...spent a day in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
..hiked many miles through the North Dakota badlands.
...saw bands of wild horses and lots of bison{or buffalo..this is a great debate}
..learned prairie dogs were plentiful.
.....saw the world's largest buffalo... {as seen below}

The weather was perfect...
{...and for those who live in the Midwest..NO humidity!}
So worth visiting!

Rosemary grows wild EVERYWHERE!
The air was filled with it's was lovely.

{I could live here...} fearless girl.

My favorite part?
...having him at my side for two weeks.

North were great.
Thanks for having us.