Thursday, June 21, 2018

My pathetic.sad.eaten.rained

First it was the rabbits.
Then the rain came....and I mean raaaaaaaiiiiin.

Now my garden... {what is left of it..goodbye 31 sunflowers..Grrr...Rabbits! ..sigh} full of weeds and mud.

I'm looking forward to the sunny Saturday morning the weather man is promising.
If you need me, I'll be planting and pulling weeds in my garden. {smile}


Friday, June 15, 2018

Wrapping up the week...broken bells.this season.two songs.changing my perspective.

My bicycle bell broke...sniff, sniff. It was pink and pretty and I liked it a lot.
My dear husband said he'll buy a new one for me..I just have to pick it out.
I'm thinking.. this one or this one. I'm still deciding.

 This season...{those two words encompass SO very much}
..when the weather is warm.
....the ages of my kids.
..the things I want to do.
...the things I don't want to do. can all be draining. It can be wonderful.
Life is busy and crazy and fun and full and stressful and great.

THIS was exactly what I needed to read at 5:45am..the start of a very busy next three days.
Loved, loved, loved what she wrote!
Why is it so hard for me to keep the right perspective?

It truly is a minute by minute surrender.

I Need Thee Every Hour
...the more aware we are, the more we realize our need for a Saviour.
One can walk through life without knowing God deeply..
...let me tell you, if you are, you are really missing out!
{ that guy not amazing?}

Life is such a gift! I seem to forget that sometimes. {slap across my face!}

The biggest bed Hog you EVER did see!

{...from my son's sweet girlfriend...<3 her.}

This Song is played on the guitar by all in our house often.
Going tonight with a very handsome date to see him play.
Have a wonderful weekend.
HaPpY Father's Day to all of you dads out there!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I'm going to do a "So far this..."

....spring {even though it feels like I should be typing summer}...

We've been up to the lake a couple of times.

We've caught fish...well, those who fish have caught fish. I am not included in "those who fish".

We've been working with my sister and her husband... Savino's Brick Oven.
{Check it out..follow us on social us for your next party!}

We've been to two parades..Frankie was able to sit in the driver's seat of a firetruck.
Day Made. Cross that off his toddler bucket list!

We've been a part of the 1920's Model A Day celebration
up in Sharon Wisconsin for many years now.
My sisters and I sing...the kids all participate in skits and this year Sam sold popcorn.
You should come next's simple, cute, lots of fancy cars and lots of fun.

We've planted the garden...and if you follow me on Instagram know I have been at war with the rabbits.
Remember all those seeds we planted
..well, I transplanted..the cute fluffy baby bunnies FEASTED!!! Grrr...
36 tomato plants...I have 5 left.
21 pepper plants...I have 10 left.
9 Chinese lanterns...I have 4 left.

I actually had to BUY more plants...and I couldn't get the same ones I started from seed.
...and I would like to inform you that we will NOT be canning tomatoes this year.
...but I have a new plan to rid the garden of bunnies...
...I'll fill you in soon and let you know how it works. Fingers crossed.

Papa and the boys. {well, some of them at least..wink}
...and thanks to Grandma..the little boys each had their own can of pop AND their own chips.
This was huge for them! Haha.

Hope you're having a good spring..a few more days and I can type..

Friday, May 18, 2018

Wrapping up the's all I seem to be doing these days.a fish.a song.

Wednesday felt a lot like summer.
We went up to the lake for the afternoon.

For Mother's Day and Father's Day...Alex gave us tickets to see Beta Radio.
Jeff has been listening to them since their first album was released..he's a big fan.

Our boys were with us {along with my little brother and two friends...}
It was a lot of fun. Music was great.

Here's one of my favorite SONGS they sing.
Hmmm...or maybe THIS one if my favorite?

The proudest little fisherman ever!!!
He was SO cute and excited when he caught it.
One of my favorite mom moments for sure. you follow us at Savino's Brick Oven?
If really should.

...and if you're not busy tomorrow... need to visit the Kenosha Harbor Market in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
We'll make you a pizza!

Happy Weekend.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Wrapping up the week...It once was lost.Mint Tea.Being Tricked...and a song, of course.

I don't think there is a mother in the world that doesn't receive a dandelion...
or two or five hundred each spring.

..and even though I've been given so many from each of my six throughout the years..
...I still love it!  ..because they think of ME!
...when their little eyes see it growing on the ground..
..when their tiny, pudgy fingers pick it and when they hand it over with their heart.
Moms {or anyone given a dandelion for that matter} appreciate it!

...even if you itch and sneeze! {just sayin}

...back last fall..I lost my engagement ring. I know, I know...sigh.
I looked EVERYWHERE!!! I used to keep it on this little ring holder by my sink.
It was a Precious Moments ring holder/dish thing.
{I put the link in for all of you under the age of twenty-nine who are asking..
What is a Precious Moment? Can I find it on Instagram? Is it a new Snapchat filter?}

Perhaps I should link snapchat for those born before ??? .Nineteen Seventy..kidding!
From now on I will only be making fun of the youth..since I'm, well..Nevermind!

Anyway, back to my ring.
Jeff told me I should move it off of the little dish...
"One day it's going to fall down the drain.." he said.
For 20 years it hasn't fallen..but, hmm, maybe he's right?
So I moved it. I put it into this little pitcher thing I keep on my dresser...
...and that is when it went MIA.

It was no where to be found...for months!
I told Jeff I would act surprised if a Tiffany and Co. box showed up in the mail...
....but one never came. Whatever. Friday afternoon I decided to do a little jewelry purge.
I asked Sophia if she wanted anything out of the pile of jewelry I was getting rid of
before I tossed it all.

GUESS WHAT she found in the pile?!?!? That was GOING INTO THE GARBAGE!!!
Yes! My ring!!! I almost threw it away. Gone. Forever.
How it made it's way into that pile of old jewelry..I have no idea.
To say I was thankful to my daughter is an understatement!

School outside.Walks on the bike path.
Filling empty flower pots.Shorts and sandals and sunshine...
...and then a rainy forty five degree day!
{...that would be today..and tomorrow}

Spring can toss some mean tricks our way..this cold snap is one of them. is turning everything green though..that's nice.

So you should get yourself a little mint plant.
Chocolate mint if possible.
It will grow like crazy and come back year after year
in abundance! keep it in a pot if you want it contained.

Brew a pot of black tea...and toss in a few sprigs of mint!
It is perfection!!! ..especially on a day that you are in your garden.

Let's go back in time for the Precious Moment people
with a little peaceful song.

HaPpy Weekend.
HaPpy Mother's Day.
HaPpy it's Friday and my husband will be home!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Finally! ...and another reason I love that we homeschool.

Sunny.Seventy-five degrees.

The wind was a little ridiculous...but it is spring,
so it's to be expected.

The beach had us wanting summer...bad.
Soon enough.

Days like this are one of the many, many, MANY reasons I love homeschooling.
We can pick up and go on an adventure whenever we want.
School will be there when we get back home...or we can double up the next day!
Whatever we wish to do. I love the freedom we have.

The older my kids are getting, the more I realize
how important it is to spend time with them..enjoy their company...
work on relationships...because things will be changing around here
in the next few years...and I know I will want what I have now..back.

{..or maybe Jeff and I will be having such an amazing time traveling
and enjoying a quiet, clean house...we won't even miss them..joking.
I think. {wink}}

These guys...they're hilarious. and so much fun.

These two love being together.... #cousins.

Such a good uncle!

How are my girls soooo big?!? {Waaaaahhhhhh}

Tyler wasn't with us...but his girlfriend was.
We love Cyndie!

My sister and dear sister in law were also at the beach with us.
I have a picture of us all..but it was quite windy and well...vanity won.
Sooooo....yeah. You're not going to see it. Ha!

Stole this picture from my sister...I love her little "Beach Box"...
...and the two little cuties in the background.

Happy Spring Days!