Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Infant chooses his own career despite father's disapproval.

When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he replied :

"I actually already have a job. I work as a full time Natural Family Planner.
Work Description- Make it nearly impossible to ever have a little brother.

My hours are as follows...
Weekdays  8:30 pm - 6:30 am
Weekends  8:30 pm- 8:30 am

I sleep fine and dandy all the day long by my little lonesome,
but when dad is around...I shall not sleep alone.

Me and my Dad. ^^^....
Dad's arms. Me sleeping. It's how I roll.

Who's in charge? Yeeeeah...that's right. Me!"

Happy Tuesday Folks.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What was that noise on the eve of Christmas Eve?

My sister Stephanie and her husband Charleton dress up as elves each year...
... and visit their nieces and nephews at Christmas time....
....and by visit, I mean run around knocking on windows and hiding behind trees and dropping small packages filled with cookies and candies on porches.

The kids don't know who it is!
They run around crazily... going from window to window to try and catch a glimpse.
It's so fun.

I feel like this season has passed and we didn't get to all that we normally do around the holidays .
All the little traditions....
Our advent calendar. Advent stories. Going to the city. Driving around looking at lights.
They didn't happen.

It's been a busy whirlwind this year. I suppose a new baby in the house can throw things off.
Can I use that as a reason?....the new baby?
The new baby that never cries and sleeps like an angel?

Yeah...It's his fault. ;) ...and he's completely worth it!
I'd take him any day over a freshly made cinnamon pretzel at the Christmas market in the city.

Have a Blessed holiday.
May you find peace and joy that only Jesus can give.

Merry, Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Three things you must do this weekend.

1. Drink a hot chai tea with eggnog. It's called a cheggnog or a chainog...
...don't worry, Starbucks has a button for it...they'll know what you're talking about.
Also...don't try to make one at home, trust me...leave it to the professionals. ;)
I am embarrassed to tell you how many I have had over the past three weeks.
But they're only there for a limited time...get one while you can...Right?

2. Make snowmen pancakes. We found the idea here...there is also a Christmas tree and a Santa.
We improvised since we only had frozen strawberries...be creative as you want.
The girls thought they were so fun.

3. Listen to this Christmas album  It is SO good. Very festive. My favorite this season.
We've been listening to it all week long.

Okay...I'm off to go on a hot date with Jeff...and Frankie of course ;)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Never say this word to a guest.

I loved this article  about the one word you should Never say to a guest in your home,
I am guilty! I am so very guilty. I do it all the time.

The article made me think...
...I am being ungrateful when I point out the negatives in my house.

Jeff works hard...
1. So we can live in our home.
2. Fixing up and taking care of our home.

What kind of a thank you am I giving him if I complain?

When I focus on the things that aren't finished or are messy or need to be fixed or painted...
...I lose sight of what I have!
There are people in this world who would give anything to have a house half the size of mine!
Unpainted upstairs trim and all! ;)

{Brother selfie...I love it.}

This little fluff-ball turned 2 months old on Sunday. ^^^
He follows me with his eyes. He smiles at us. He giggles. He's way too much fun.

...We baked M&M cookies today.
..Frankie slept most of the day....it's his favorite activity.
....My kids wrapped a few of their Christmas gifts.
..Two more days and MY SISTER IS COMING FOR A VISIT!!!!! I can't wait.

I love you December.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Christmas Masquerade Ball.

My sister Stephanie put on a Christmas Masquerade Ball.

Puffy, fancy, twirly dresses.
Fabulous food.
Glowing candles.
Dances from the 1700's.
The decorating was beautiful, elegant and very festive....
..a red velvet couch for sitting and tall candles and sparkly Christmas lights glowing everywhere.

This was an adult/young adult only party.
However...No baby sitter + family connections = Sam and my girls being able to attend.
{at the last minute} The girls think it may have been the best night ever.

Today we officially start our annual three week Christmas break.
We will resume school after the New Year.

To celebrate...we are cleaning out closets this afternoon and organizing clothing.
"Yay!!!" the children all exclaimed in unison when I told them of my Monday plan.

Hope your week is off to a great start.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We call him....

...Frankie Doodle
......Little Guy
...Peanut Butter
..Pumpkin Shnitzel
......Frankie Baby
.....Cutie Pie
...Cutie Pumpkin
...Love Muffin
..Scrunch Muffin
.....Muffin Baby

He may never know his real name.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Wait...How much are those jeans?

My little guy and I went shopping this weekend.
He needed a pair of shoes/slippers...I needed a pair of jeans.

The longer you walk around Nordstrom, the more you become desensitized.
I realized this when I found myself standing in a dressing room facing the mirror wearing
a {very comfortable and near perfect fitting} pair of $288.00 jeans.

The  pretty lady that worked at the store told me I would love them. I did!
She said they were premium denim. They were!
She brought a bottle of water to my dressing room...
....along with a pretty sweater and a cardigan to try on with the fancy jeans I now wanted.

"So, how did they work out?" she asked.

How did they work out?
Hmmm...How did they work out?
It depends how you look at it. Actually it's more like...it depends on who's looking at it.

Jeff's face flashed before my eyes...Did I want to Live or Die? Live. or Die?
Another flash...it was the kid's hungry little faces....Groceries or Jeans?
And then there was that whole conscience thing.

Soooo.....I chose life and went to Trader Joe's Saturday evening.  :)

We've been decking our halls.
I absolutely love this time of year!
These next couple weeks are devoted to celebrating this blessed and wonderful season.

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Finding "The One" in the dark.

1. If you leave the house at {almost} dusk ,
you will cut your Christmas tree down in the dark.
A record year for the amount of time it took to find one. Ha!

2. He's a really good dad.
3. Admiring his big brother.
4&5. Browsing around the little shop at the tree farm.
6. "No way!"

Happy Tuesday.