Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What was that noise on the eve of Christmas Eve?

My sister Stephanie and her husband Charleton dress up as elves each year...
... and visit their nieces and nephews at Christmas time....
....and by visit, I mean run around knocking on windows and hiding behind trees and dropping small packages filled with cookies and candies on porches.

The kids don't know who it is!
They run around crazily... going from window to window to try and catch a glimpse.
It's so fun.

I feel like this season has passed and we didn't get to all that we normally do around the holidays .
All the little traditions....
Our advent calendar. Advent stories. Going to the city. Driving around looking at lights.
They didn't happen.

It's been a busy whirlwind this year. I suppose a new baby in the house can throw things off.
Can I use that as a reason?....the new baby?
The new baby that never cries and sleeps like an angel?

Yeah...It's his fault. ;) ...and he's completely worth it!
I'd take him any day over a freshly made cinnamon pretzel at the Christmas market in the city.

Have a Blessed holiday.
May you find peace and joy that only Jesus can give.

Merry, Merry Christmas.


  1. yup, completely worth it. Give him a big kiss from me. And you have eleves! Too fun. We were pretty low key about Santa Claus, but the night we drove home on Christmas eve and saw Santa walking up the street, in the rain, under a huge umbrella...that was pretty fun.

  2. I love the pinecone picture!! Happy Christmas time to you Liz!