Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby does Yoga.

My midwife said judging from the heartbeat...
Baby will be a relaxed little girl,
or get my roller skates on because I'm going to be chasing one busy little boy.

It's been a while since I've been pregnant...
I forgot how active these little bundles of joy can be! and the stretching! Youch!

I told Jeff a few weeks ago the baby knows yoga already...standing in reverse warrior pose often.
But I love it. I have always enjoyed being pregnant.

My girls never knew me pregnant....
Allison was only 19 months old when I had Sophia and the girls are the youngest in our family.
They have been loving feeling the baby move and guessing what body part is poking out.
They kiss my stomach and talk to the baby all the time. They are so excited! and I am excited for them.

33 1/2 weeks and I STILL can't believe we're having another baby.
I'll have to tell you the whole story of how this came about...8 years later...
...when we thought we were not going to have anymore children.

But not now.

Now I have to put away the salsa I just made.
Let me give you a little tip before I sign off here....
...When the recipe says you can substitute apple cider vinegar for white vinegar and your white vinegar is in the basement pantry and you have apple cider vinegar in your kitchen and you are feeling lazy....
DON'T do it!

From the mouths of my children....
What stinks???
Why does it smell like poo in here?
What smells like stinky feet?
Ewwww....what is that smell?
Hey, are we having tacos for dinner tonight? (at least one child appreciated the aroma ;)

Anyway, have a great night.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not the first day of school.

This is NOT a back to school post.
Our first day of school isn't until after Labor Day...I wish this was how it worked for everyone!
Facebook is making me feel like fall has arrived,
even though the weather and garden are still screaming full on summer!

I admit...seeing all of your pictures has gotten me a little anxious and excited for the new school year,
but I will wait. For now we're going to swim and pick tomatoes and blend lemonade slushies.

I smelled a pumpkin candle at TJMaxx the other day...I almost fell for it. Almost!
But no...I put that baby right back on the shelf and let it know I'd be back in a couple weeks.

7 1/2 weeks until baby's due date. I can't wait!!!

I've already had a chat with the baby....
....he or she will be sleeping through the night right away.
......minimal crying if at all.
...sweet disposition.
Pretty much...the perfect baby.

Would you believe I STILL have nothing ready for the baby?!
My mom told me about this knit jersey wrap.I love it and am going to order it, that way I feel like I've made some baby item progress. :)
It's hard not knowing what baby is....there are so many cute boy/girl things out there!

It's not that I don't want to buy anything..I just don't know what to buy!
I'll get onsies and sleepers and blankets...however.... soon as this baby arrives,
the UPS man is going to be our very good friend and
amazon prime will probably terminate my membership! ;)

Jeff and I were in the city last weekend. We went to a friend's rooftop party.
The view from atop was just beautiful. I love's such a pretty city.
We went to the Italian fest all I keep thinking about is toasted ravioli. It was sooo good!
I have a bad quality picture...but I'll spare you. Your welcome.

I need to get into my garden and pick tomatoes now.

Hope your day is a lovely one.
Happy middle of the week to you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet me at the fair.

Sunday afternoon the boots came out as we visited the land of funnel cakes and ferris wheels and draft horses and lemon shake-ups. Yep, it was fair week.

Red velvet funnel cake...I'll take one right now thank you!

The kids look forward to it all summer long.

Once the county fair is over, it feels like fall will start any minute... start school, the apple orchard opens soon and
the leaves on the trees start to get that over ripened yellow/green hue.
{and this morning it's only in the 60's! so it feels like fall has arrived already}

I love this time of year and even more exciting this time around since
we'll be having a baby soon! Only 8 1/2 more weeks to go.

Happy Tuesday to you.

Monday, August 11, 2014

She was showered.

Saturday afternoon at my parent's home, we hosted a bridal shower for my sister.
She will be married Labor Day weekend...only 19 days from today....
....then she's off to live in Texas with her soon to be new husband.

Jason just graduated from West Point in NY...he is now stationed in the Lone Star State.
However, he was still able to attend the shower. Isn't technology fantastic? ;)

Cousins. ^^^

It's raining. and smells good outside.
We have sickness running through our house right now.
What is going on?'s summer! People aren't supposed to get sick during the summer!

Hope your week is off to a great start.
Happy Monday.

Monday, August 4, 2014

We're not Mexican....

....but how fun to have those roots.
We are friends with a family from Mexico...
they are just the nicest and sweetest people....
and two of the most fantastic cooks ever. I could eat their tamales all day long!

Their oldest daughter had her Quinceanera this summer, and Tyler was asked to be the Chambelan.
....which I didn't realize was such an honor until that day.

The day felt more like a wedding than a birthday celebration.
We had so much fun. Over three hundred people attended.
There was a traditional Catholic mass at their church.
Then we celebrated afterward at a hall where there was a brass band, a mariachi band and a DJ that played music throughout the night. (I believe my hearing has mostly returned ;)

SO many different traditions like.....
....she can now wear heels, so she received a special pair from her Godmother.
..she can now dance in her first dance was that night.
...her father pays for her Cotillion, but her husband will pay for the wedding when she marries.
(We told our girls they will be marrying into a traditional Mexican family ;)

The attendants practiced for three months, two to three times a week to learn the traditional waltz's and different dances she had chosen to perform at her party. It was incredible. The dances looked beautiful with all those pretty gowns twirling around to the music. They also changed their clothes a couple times for other various dances. Everything was choreographed so was fun to watch.

It was such a lovely celebration.
There was so much that happened, it would take forever to write about the day.
So I'll leave you with a few pictures instead.

If you're a Mexican fun to turn 15!
Happy Monday to you.