Monday, August 4, 2014

We're not Mexican....

....but how fun to have those roots.
We are friends with a family from Mexico...
they are just the nicest and sweetest people....
and two of the most fantastic cooks ever. I could eat their tamales all day long!

Their oldest daughter had her Quinceanera this summer, and Tyler was asked to be the Chambelan.
....which I didn't realize was such an honor until that day.

The day felt more like a wedding than a birthday celebration.
We had so much fun. Over three hundred people attended.
There was a traditional Catholic mass at their church.
Then we celebrated afterward at a hall where there was a brass band, a mariachi band and a DJ that played music throughout the night. (I believe my hearing has mostly returned ;)

SO many different traditions like.....
....she can now wear heels, so she received a special pair from her Godmother.
..she can now dance in her first dance was that night.
...her father pays for her Cotillion, but her husband will pay for the wedding when she marries.
(We told our girls they will be marrying into a traditional Mexican family ;)

The attendants practiced for three months, two to three times a week to learn the traditional waltz's and different dances she had chosen to perform at her party. It was incredible. The dances looked beautiful with all those pretty gowns twirling around to the music. They also changed their clothes a couple times for other various dances. Everything was choreographed so was fun to watch.

It was such a lovely celebration.
There was so much that happened, it would take forever to write about the day.
So I'll leave you with a few pictures instead.

If you're a Mexican fun to turn 15!
Happy Monday to you.


  1. how fun and exciting! I've never heard of that elaborate of a Quinceanera and I live where there's lots of Mexicans!
    I Was just thinking about you and your fashion posts from awhile back...I miss those :)

  2. Very cool! I have certainly been to plenty of these in my day and they are always very over-the-top. :) I am half Mexican (my daddy) but he would never have allowed me to have one, even though they are very traditional for Mexican families. My father was extremely protective when it came to boys and I think he would have died to see me dancing with one at 15! hahaha Your Tyler looked so handsome and the pictures are great! xo -Chris

  3. My dad arranged a quinceaƱera for my youngest sister in Colombia. It's a very special tradition. I had never seen one with the military uniforms before this.