Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wrapping up the week.....Take a walk with us through our town on a beautiful, dreary, fall day.


We took our baskets and collected all the pretty leaves for a project we did.

The kids at the elementary school made scarecrows and hung them up all around town.
Frankie thinks they're pretty silly and likes to look at them.

Almost all of the leaves have fallen off of our big maple out front...sigh.
The boys raked and burned the leaves yesterday afternoon.

I like dreary,cold, rainy fall days as much as I like the sunny, crisp ones.
It makes for cozy mornings with the wood stove burning.

I am thankful to live in a climate where we get to experience all four seasons.
This one though...I think this is probably the best. and Christmas time. and spring...
...oh never mind. I like them all.

A song for you.

As a mom and wife, I found this really encouraging

HaPpY Weekend.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We do school at home...

Homeschooling #7
Time Management.
Sometimes the busier we are, the more efficient we are.

I don't love the feeling of being overwhelmed and busy,
but I often feel like the more I have on my plate, the more I get accomplished in a day.
Why? Because I don't have a lot of extra time and I keep that in mind.

I know, it sounds strange....but here is the reason why....
When I have to get things done, I arrange my schedule so I am able to fit
everything into my day and I don't WASTE time. {key word here...*waste*}
I keep on task, moving from one thing to the next until I am finished because I don't have a choice.

When I don't have much going on, staying on task isn't as important.
I tend to slow down and procrastinate because..... I have SO much time!
Then all of a sudden that extra time runs out and
I haven't gotten to all of what I needed to do even though I had more time to do it in!

I find a lot of times, when I don't have much to do {not sure when that is..Ha!}
I get frustrated and feel busy and pressed for time,
when really if I would have just organized my day{s} better,
I would have had my to do list completed.

It's easy to waste time...especially in this day and age with all the
wonderful technology right at our fingertips.
I admit it, I easily can get sucked into Instagram or blog reading or even talking on the phone.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and busy, I encourage you to write out your day.
Keep track of what you're doing with your time.
Make a list of what you do all day. What time you do things.

....and the most humbling one of all...
Ask your kids! Ask your kids if they think you're on your computer or phone too much.
Ouch! That one can be tough to swallow. You may be surprised at how much time you are wasting.

It's good to know though...when we know our shortcomings, it's easier for us to change.

I have a friend who had a good idea.
She had her kids choose her Facebook password. They weren't allowed to tell her what it was.
If she wanted to use Facebook, she had to go through them. Talk about accountability.
{I think about this quite often Dawn;)}

Homeschooling can easily lend itself to have a more relaxed atmosphere...
....which is one of the reasons I love it so much.
We can do things on our timetable and not the school's.

There is nothing wrong with being laid back... creates a more peaceful and less stressful atmosphere in the home,
but sometimes it can become too relaxed around here...and that is my fault.

I am not one to keep a strict schedule.
We have a routine and a time frame for everything in our day,
but I don't let the clock dictate every second of our lives.
I'd go crazy.
I don't have that type of personality...I need flexibility in my life.
If I want to rearrange the golly it will be rearranged. ;) Ha!

However, I do think we need some structure...God created us to live with structure.

So, if you are feeling like you can't get to these three things.
1. Write down what you are doing all day.
2. Cut out the unnecessary things.
3. Have a more accomplished and stress free day.
Remember this too...
Not everyone's "busy" is going to look the same.
Not everyone's schedule is going to look the same.
This is okay! have to do what works best for your family and don't compare that to others.

Happy Homeschooling.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The cancelled date.

Jeff and I had a dinner date planned for Friday night.

Friday morning {some of} my kids and I left the house early for a
field trip to Catigny Park with our homeschool group.

By the time we arrived back home later that afternoon, Frankie wasn't feeling all that great.
Clingy, stuffy, miserable...and only wanting mama....
.....we cancelled our date over the phone while Jeff drove home from work.

He walked in the door with Chinese takeout and a movie.
It was a family date for dinner...then later Jeff and I watched a movie sans children.
It's been forever since we've sat down and watched a movie together.
{unless you count the debates....
...but that was with children and blood pressure levels were running high}

{Don't judge! Yes..he still has the binky..usually he doesn't get it in public or outside,
but he was starting to feel why not? He is the sixth child...standards have been lowered.}

I haven't really told anyone...but this is actually my real house and my real front yard.
I don't like to, you know.

Okay..well, have a great evening.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It rained the other day...and someone that lives here is now banned from the iPad...and it's National Chocolate Cupcake Day.

" jump in da a puddews?"
I couldn't say no. Afterward he was filthy and wet and in desperate need of a bath....
....but to him, it was worth it even though he hates baths with a passion.

This is our first baby we've had since the invention of the iPad and other devices.
It was cute when we first showed him a little video. He got all excited.
As he got older we downloaded the You Version Bible App for kids.
{sweetest little app}

Over the past year, he's gotten to know the iPad...too well we have come to find out.
You see, before bed, we'd go through bible stories together after we read real books.
During the day here and there or in the morning while I jump in the shower,
he would watch little videos of wee-oh trucks {firetrucks} on You Tube or something on Netflix. morning, I went to take the iPad away and someone had a little attitude.
Then...I noticed this little attitude happening more often when iPad time was over.

Crying for the iPad and not wanting me to pick him up when
he woke from a nap was the final straw.

We had an addict on our hands! An almost two year old technology addict!
Nope. Not happening in this house. I do not want to raise a little vidiot.
It's not like he was on it all of the time...but even the little bit he was became an issue.

Sooooo....he's completely banned from technology!
At this point in time, there is no reason for him to even have it in his life.

It's books and Thomas the Train and jumping puddles all day.
Back to the unplugged basics for this little boy.
It's healthier on so many levels.

What's the legal limit on the amount of chocolate cupcakes one should consume in a day's time?
I do believe I surpassed it today. But it's National Chocolate Cupcake it's okay? Right?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Do you love complaining? self victimization? feelings of discontent? Then this is for you! 3 Tips That Will Help Bring You Down.

We grabbed those nearby. Lucky ducks....we all know how much kids love stopping for pictures.
Here we have 16 of the 21 cousins...I call this...
Cousin Photo Take 10,000. ....because looking forward and smiling is a lot to ask. least each of them is looking in at least one of the shots at some point.
Just go with the flow, right? There's always next time. Ha!

Just goooo with the flow. This is Jeff's answer to sanity in life.
He says it to me quite often. if I'm not a flow-er. Ha! I flow.

I will admit, it is true...the more we "just go with it"..the happier and less stressed we are.
But....Who wants to be happy and less stressed??? C'mon..that's silly talk.

You see, the less flexible, forgiving and easy going we are, the more miserable we can be.
And let's be honest, there are some who actually enjoy misery.
That good old "victim role" and misery loves company....I think we've all been there at times.
{Well...not me of course, but other people.}

If you enjoy being miserable and find rest in being a victim in your own life...
...make sure you regularly follow these three tips

1. Don't go with the flow.
Let every little thing that goes wrong get under your skin.
Cancelled plans, changed plans, sudden sickness, obligations that come up last minute..
....let all of these things bother you to no end.
Not only things, but people....get angry at the people who are causing your flow to have ripples.
Spend time reflecting on what an easy going person you are and how you are always on task.
Let people know they are affecting your life negatively..or don't. You can always form a grudge.
Those are nice too. Either way, it will help you to feel aggravated and victimized.

2. Forget everything others do and have done for you.
Try to focus only on what YOU do for others, and not what others do for you.
For a special treat, dig back in the past......remember all you have given and given up.
Make a list! Even a mental one will help you to feel proud for all you've done.

Now that it's fall we keep seeing "Thankful" signs...November is right around the corner...
...the time of year when people start telling all they are grateful for.
Do NOT get caught in this trap! You will find happiness there. That is not what you are after.

3. Compare yourself to those who have more than you.
More money, more time, more things, more house, cleaner house,
nicer car, more vacation time, more windows in their kitchen {who get jealous over that?} get the point.

Do not focus on what you have, rather focus on what you DO NOT have.
Dwell upon this as often as possible. Check social media regularly...Instagram. Facebook. Blogs.
Search out things you love, but can't have.
This will ensure feelings of discontent which will then lead to feelings of victimization.
Which will make you feel wonderfully miserable!

Hope this was helpful!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wrapping up the week....who blogs on Sunday mornings before church?

I guess me. and is this really wrapping up the week? or starting a new one one?

Oh well, sticking with wrapping.
It's been misty and drizzly and dreary...a perfect day to stay inside and watch old movies.
{or the Cub's game...because I live with sport fanatics}

We celebrated 9 birthdays yesterday. Our family is getting really big and if we did individual birthday parties none of us would ever have a free day again. So we combine. Haha.

It's great though. I love my big family.

Frankie turned 2 on Friday. I can't believe how fast that went by.
The three youngest kids all pitched in and bought him
a deluxe dump truck almost the same size as he is.
Not sure who was more excited...them to give it to him, or him to receive it!

He thought it was the greatest thing in the world. He even took it to bed with him.

Because I have boys that work at the orchard, we spend a lot of time driving back and forth....
...often {too often this week} we stop for doughnuts and coffee and cider. It can be dangerous.
Perfectly wonderful, but dangerous.

One of our family's favorite bands came out with a new album...
I LOVE the version of this song! Oh banjo you are fabulous to one's ears.

Happy Sunday to you.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Around the water cooler....for a few minutes...with cousins....and also, it tastes better when you pour. It really does.

They are SO funny!
I stopped by my sister's house for a few minutes this afternoon with Frankie.
My nephew asked for a glass of water, so of course, every boy was now dehydrated.
Isn't that the way kids has something and it appeals to the rest?

{We say kids...but we adults work that way too, right?
I see your cute new shoes and then all of a sudden I need new shoes.}

By the can pour your own water at Auntie Dana's house...that is BIG fun.

Can the hat be pulled down any farther? ;)