Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It rained the other day...and someone that lives here is now banned from the iPad...and it's National Chocolate Cupcake Day.

"Mama...me jump in da a puddews?"
I couldn't say no. Afterward he was filthy and wet and in desperate need of a bath....
....but to him, it was worth it even though he hates baths with a passion.

This is our first baby we've had since the invention of the iPad and other devices.
It was cute when we first showed him a little video. He got all excited.
As he got older we downloaded the You Version Bible App for kids.
{sweetest little app}

Over the past year, he's gotten to know the iPad...too well we have come to find out.
You see, before bed, we'd go through bible stories together after we read real books.
During the day here and there or in the morning while I jump in the shower,
he would watch little videos of wee-oh trucks {firetrucks} on You Tube or something on Netflix.

Then...one morning, I went to take the iPad away and someone had a little attitude.
Then...I noticed this little attitude happening more often when iPad time was over.

Crying for the iPad and not wanting me to pick him up when
he woke from a nap was the final straw.

We had an addict on our hands! An almost two year old technology addict!
Nope. Not happening in this house. I do not want to raise a little vidiot.
It's not like he was on it all of the time...but even the little bit he was became an issue.

Sooooo....he's completely banned from technology!
At this point in time, there is no reason for him to even have it in his life.

It's books and Thomas the Train and jumping puddles all day.
Back to the unplugged basics for this little boy.
It's healthier on so many levels.

What's the legal limit on the amount of chocolate cupcakes one should consume in a day's time?
I do believe I surpassed it today. But it's National Chocolate Cupcake Day...so it's okay? Right?

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  1. So agree with you on the technology ban!