Monday, October 17, 2016

Do you love complaining? self victimization? feelings of discontent? Then this is for you! 3 Tips That Will Help Bring You Down.

We grabbed those nearby. Lucky ducks....we all know how much kids love stopping for pictures.
Here we have 16 of the 21 cousins...I call this...
Cousin Photo Take 10,000. ....because looking forward and smiling is a lot to ask. least each of them is looking in at least one of the shots at some point.
Just go with the flow, right? There's always next time. Ha!

Just goooo with the flow. This is Jeff's answer to sanity in life.
He says it to me quite often. if I'm not a flow-er. Ha! I flow.

I will admit, it is true...the more we "just go with it"..the happier and less stressed we are.
But....Who wants to be happy and less stressed??? C'mon..that's silly talk.

You see, the less flexible, forgiving and easy going we are, the more miserable we can be.
And let's be honest, there are some who actually enjoy misery.
That good old "victim role" and misery loves company....I think we've all been there at times.
{Well...not me of course, but other people.}

If you enjoy being miserable and find rest in being a victim in your own life...
...make sure you regularly follow these three tips

1. Don't go with the flow.
Let every little thing that goes wrong get under your skin.
Cancelled plans, changed plans, sudden sickness, obligations that come up last minute..
....let all of these things bother you to no end.
Not only things, but people....get angry at the people who are causing your flow to have ripples.
Spend time reflecting on what an easy going person you are and how you are always on task.
Let people know they are affecting your life negatively..or don't. You can always form a grudge.
Those are nice too. Either way, it will help you to feel aggravated and victimized.

2. Forget everything others do and have done for you.
Try to focus only on what YOU do for others, and not what others do for you.
For a special treat, dig back in the past......remember all you have given and given up.
Make a list! Even a mental one will help you to feel proud for all you've done.

Now that it's fall we keep seeing "Thankful" signs...November is right around the corner...
...the time of year when people start telling all they are grateful for.
Do NOT get caught in this trap! You will find happiness there. That is not what you are after.

3. Compare yourself to those who have more than you.
More money, more time, more things, more house, cleaner house,
nicer car, more vacation time, more windows in their kitchen {who get jealous over that?} get the point.

Do not focus on what you have, rather focus on what you DO NOT have.
Dwell upon this as often as possible. Check social media regularly...Instagram. Facebook. Blogs.
Search out things you love, but can't have.
This will ensure feelings of discontent which will then lead to feelings of victimization.
Which will make you feel wonderfully miserable!

Hope this was helpful!

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  1. liz you are right follow them 3 rules and be sad all your life but you can live your life and be thankfull for what you have and be happy the rest of your life