Friday, March 30, 2018

Wrapping up the week. ..a cute instagram.a great article.a cute song...can someone please pass the Kleenex.

Have I ever mentioned I love being a mom? I do.
I love everyday moments.
I love the traditions that come along with holidays.
I am thankful for all of it.
I don't want to take even one day for granted.

Three things for you...
This instagram!!! ...I love her house.

I received a text at was from my oldest!
He was on his way home from work. What's wrong? I wondered!
I opened the text and he sent me THIS SONG.
{you have to listen to the whole song..}
Well! Can someone pass over the Kleenex box?

This! This is every single one of us. Yikes!
What a great article..convicitng and so very fitting for today.

Hope you have a Blessed Easter weekend...
...and I pray every single one of you reading this understands
what a gift Jesus on the cross is. Without it...we have no hope.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Jeff thought someone died...shallow I know, but WOW! ..a hair lesson for you.

Now I know some of you are drastic hair changers...I am Not.
I like classic. I am more of a close-to-natural-person as possible.

Go ahead and laugh...Jeff did. A lot.
I have a very supportive husband. {Haha!...wink}

My usual-love her-has been doing my hair forever- stylist couldn't get me in.
I took a risk. Called a well known, upscale salon I trust and made an appointment.

Two hours later I told the girl I wanted my roots touched up.
Maybe a couple of LIGHT BROWN highlights.

After a long, long, loooong{er} than usual hair session...
..she turned around my chair.

*Sunglasses on to cover up the puffiest, reddest eyes you've ever seen...
..and I totally touched up my blotchy skin..just so you know...*

I didn't know what to say. Didn't I tell her roots? highlights?
Don't I have natural curly hair?

"It's because you have other it looks lighter than it is.."
It looks lighter than it is? AM I BLIND???
How does something look lighter than it is?

I was in a shock of sorts...I paid and left.
Once in my car I couldn't hold it together.
I couldn't go to the grocery store looking like this.
I couldn't go anywhere!!!..I couldn't STOP CRYING!!!

Jeff called. He asked me who died.
He couldn't understand me..I was pretty high pitch with lots of tears.
"Bar Fly!" ...that's what I able to get out...
..he laughed..he didn't believe it was that bad.

"Holy Cow! It looks worse than the picture you sent...." Face Time quote.

Fifteen minutes later with smeared mascara {fitting for a bar fly}...
..I went back. I told the girl I hated it. I told her it wasn't what I asked for.
Three ladies helped "fix" my super fried hair.

It's still recovering...but at least the color is okay.

The original girl told me she would style it for me.
"No, no, Noooooo!...I am going home with wet hair."

Once home I realized the damage, the frizz..
and do you notice anything in the picture below?

Thankfully when you have naturally curly hair, an inch or so off isn't as noticeable.
{Biggest eye roll you can imagine}

It's in the "growing out" phase now...
...and I've been doing some at home treatments to heal the destruction.
There is some improvement.

Hair Lessons to Learn...

Have patience if your stylist can't get you in for a couple of weeks.
She's busy!..that means she's good! {wink}

Don't go to someone who tells you halfway through
the process she graduated hair school three months ago.
{ does one know?}

Don't go to someone who tells you halfway through
the process her aunt won't let her touch her hair.
{huge eyes...again..hmmm....}


Monday, March 26, 2018

Wrapping up the week....on a Monday afternoon?

...because Friday was busy and the rest of the weekend too.
So here is a Friday post on a Monday.

A girl who turned twelve...but spent the day on the couch sick.
She wore her birthday shirt and new pink hat from Frankie
and said it was a great day anyway.

Her dad brought home French Macaroons after work..her favorite...
..from a bakery in Chicago..because it's hard to find good ones near our house!
{another reason we should move to a house in the city }

We saw this movie last should go too!
It's so good.

I don't think a birthday in our house passes by without someone asking for a
Dutch Baby..and my dear husband is the master of making them.
I gave up sugar for he made me a special one without sugar!
{even though it wasn't my birthday...he's the best}

THIS song is just the sweetest.
..and Jeff if you're reading this...
..."I'd pick you all over again...a million times.."

Happy new week to you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

It's been a while...

You know those days where you want to say no...but you say yes and end up being happy you did.
That was this day.

One wanted to go fishing.
Two wanted to go hiking.
One wanted to do everything everyone else was doing...while wearing his new mud boots of course.

We caught zero fish.
It was a good day anyway.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Wrapping up the week....

Wednesday was one of those days that we seized. I'm glad we did.
A small taste of spring...we took school outside and the fishermen enjoyed the afternoon.

I love this picture..I love how much the littlest one loves his brothers. {and sisters}
He will follow anywhere and do anything they do.
Their influence is huge...something I didn't see with our other five
because they were so close in age. This is fun to watch.

We have a sick little girl in our our weekend will be spent quiet. and that's fine with me.

One of my friends posted this song last night. ...oh my goodness..get the box of tissues!

If you have boys you need to read this article!

Pretty basketspretty benchpretty houses.
The look of the Colonial time period has always been one of my favorites.
I love Colonial houses and salt box houses best. I love the simplicity and the symmetry.

HaPpy Weekend to you.