Monday, June 24, 2013

I like the Fly Lady.

We've been babysitting this little fluff ball these past two weeks.
Sophia took her outside. They sat forever soaking up early morning sunshine.
{that one day there was sunshine in northern Illinois!}

It's been such a rainy spring into summer. Rain, rain and rain.
We've been inside doing lots of cleaning lately.
I am trying to simplify. Aren't we all always trying to simplify? Ha!

I found this great article on the Fly Lady's website.
If you are having a difficult time parting with clutter, hopefully this will inspire you to donate or just toss!

Will you leave clutter as your legacy?
The sad part is that this is what we were given by our ancestors: This attitude of "we might need this someday so we had better hang onto this."
So you see how we have been affected by the past. Do you intend to do this to your family, too?
This one member that was afraid of leaving clutter as her legacy was looking at the physical mess that was in her home and thinking of the others having to come in afterward and sort through it all. (Yes, that is a problem, too, any of you that have had to do this know how tough it is. I am not talking about this, even though it is a subject we need to face.)
My thoughts have to do with what we teach our children.
Yes, we were given the legacy of hoarding, but now that we know that this is a serious problem for our homes, health and families, it is time to let go of the things that are hurting us.
You cannot help how you were raised, but you can refuse to allow your children to be saddled with these feeling of "we might need this someday."
This attitude was developed because of going though hard times. We can all plot our family trees by this, a mother or father, grandmother or grandfather. These folks have given you this legacy.
Do you want your children to have to deal with all of this clutter in their homes? The worst part is the clutter in their heads. It is time to put an end to this once and for all. The last time I looked, there were no storage units at the cemetery. We can't take it with us. It is the attitude that I want to help you release.
This attitude keeps us from being able to clean and organize our homes. With all of this stuff, we no longer have any place to put another thing, so it gets piled in our basements, on our floors, filling all of our closets and drawers.
Yes, it would be awful to leave our families with all of our clutter. It is such a burden for them, but if we start now, we can change our homes and train our families in the art of less is more and give them the overall feeling of prosperity and faith. As they see us releasing the clutter that has clogged our lives, they will see a new way of living free: free from the clutter and the CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) that came with it.
Are you ready to release this clutter from your lives and create an atmosphere of peace that will transcend generations as your legacy to the ones you love?

You can check out her website Here
She always inspired me. :)

Happy Organizing.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Farmers Markets are more about the tattoos and balloons.

Market season is here. Yesterday we went to our first market.
We only sell what is in season and what grows at the farm...which is the way it should be!

In our area that means many varieties of greens.
Spinach, different kinds of lettuce, kale, swiss chard, arugula, and a new addition this year,
Quelites. {also called Lamb's Quarter, goose feet or wild spinach} It's actually a very healthy weed! :)
We had radishes, onions and kohlrabi too.

Strawberries, rhubarb and asparagus are also some of the in season produce ready now.
If you're buying peaches, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, watermelon, corn....etc,
sorry, but you're being tricked by that "local farmer". ;) None of that is ready for harvest quite yet.

My girls love going to the markets. To help like their big brothers? Sort of.
They make change and pack orders for customers.
But the real reason they love them? The balloons, free popcorn and butterfly tattoos. ;)

Always a long line at RCJuggles.
His balloon creations (as well as his juggling skills) are AMAZING!

This was the favorite of mine yesterday. ^^^
My girls chose butterfly wings and a mushroom...also adorable,
but I really wanted to take home an octopus! Haha.

Busy day much laundry, grocery store, gardens to be worked in, granola to be made, weeds to be pulled and cousins sleeping over. Off to accomplish.

Happy day to you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

....and we ran.

I used to love to run. This was a long time ago.
Then the whole running trend began and everyone and their grandmother (literally!) started running races.
Every person I know was running, has ran, or will be running a 5K, 10K, 7billionK.
I wasn't about to join in...or so I thought.

One day I received a confirmation email.
Thanks to my sister in love (pictured far left), I was signed up for the Glo-Run in Chicago.
Yep, without my permission she signed me up....and let me tell you, it was SO much fun. :)

Of course I came in first place. *cough* Can't wait to do it again next year.

The Crown Fountains...always fun to watch,
but it drives me crazy that the lips are never lined up with the water coming out of them.

...and today was spent at the zoo. Visiting animals...riding the carousel.
Sunny and 70 was a perfect day.

Tomorrow morning we do our first Farmer's Market of the season.
My first 3:30am wake-up and I can't fall asleep! I am going to be so tired tomorrow.

Off to count sheep.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Five things that happened Monday.

1.Clean laundry was hung on the line.
2. We planted one of the plots in the community garden in our little town.
{and then finished planting heirloom beans, peppers and cantaloupe
in our much bigger garden in our own backyard}

3. The neighbor's slip and slide provided great fun all afternoon.
4. Basketball took place as usual.

5. My oldest made raspberry smoothies this afternoon for everyone.

Happy Monday.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fashion Tip Friday ~

I have been asked if Saltwater Sandals are worth it.
Yes, they are most definitely worth the $36 you will be spending.
The shoes in this picture have been worn a billion times! Okay, maybe not a billion, but close enough.

Both my girls and I have a pair. We all match in red, but the shoes come in a variety of colors and styles.
They are comfortable and hold up like you would not believe.
The shoes wear casual, yet are also cute with a sundress for church.
(and I would definitely put them on a little boy too..not red, perhaps navy or brown)

Saltwater sandals originated in the early 1940's as an alternative to traditional children's leather sandals as a way to cope with leather shortages in World War ll. The sandals were made primarily from scrap leather left over from making men's shoes. {taken from Wikipedia}

....and there's my little plug for the day.

We have our little cousin, for the weekend. My girls are thrilled to have a little girl in the house for three days. We also have their dog...their tiny, little, fluffy dog...that's the kind of dog I can handle. :)
Lots going on here over the next couple days....
A birthday party. A race. A Lego convention. Visiting our fathers for Father's Day.

How about you? Busy weekend?
Happy Friday. XxOo

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nothing really. boys played basketball like they do everyday. Every.Single.Day.
...all my flowers are blooming and blooming. It makes me happy to look at them.
..Tyler helped me plant cucumbers. {then I saw a cute little bunny eyeing my garden!}
..we had a big storm. then another..and another is on it's way. I love thunderstorms.
...I tried figuring out how to put pictures side by side on this blog...obviously it didn't work.
I'm still working on learning this little space over here.;)
..we had cereal for dinner.
{This happens when your husband comes home really late. All motivation gets lost.}
...Blueberries For Sal is our bedtime story tonight...and it's about that time.

Have a great evening.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fashion Tip Friday ~

Early last Saturday morning one of my sons, two brothers, a sister in love and a niece all ran a race.
Lots of us went to cheer them our family, you have a pretty big support team.
Even at the crack of dawn. Well, maybe it wasn't the crack of dawn, but it was early. ;)  

Later that afternoon, we all went to the parade. Same Saturday every year. Rain or shine.
My whole family, minus one sister who had to work....there were thirty one of us.

Below are the Jesse White Tumblers. They are incredible!
They walk the parade every year and do amazing acrobatics as they move along past the crowds.

The parade leads into my Fashion Tip....not really a tip, but a photo.
A photo that will leave you in awe. (unless you too have done such a thing???)
Ladies, if you are wearing heels this weekend and feel the need to complain about your feet hurting,
think back to this picture.

They walked a 2+ hour parade route.
Now That! (pause) is taking fashion to a whole new level. and honestly, I don't want to be on that level.
Yikes, Helloooooo band-aids.

This week I've had my neighbor's boys while they are away on a trip together. Alone.
(coveting is wrong, comparison is the thief of all joy, I am not jealous, I'm happy for my friends....etc :)

My house is full of little and big boys! Food, food and more food is all I can say.
The kids are having a blast and it's actually lots of fun to have everyone here. Busy, but fun.
The weather has been so crumby..cold and rainy all week. So we are excited for a sunny Saturday.

Sunday is my sister's wedding shower! She is getting married in just five weeks.
We're all getting excited for her big day.
How about you? Big weekend plans?

Happy Friday.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Lack of Sacrifice.

I stood at the register in American Eagle.
My fifteen year old son using his own cash paid for a hoodie and pair of jeans he wanted.
It took everything in me not to whip out the debit card and say "I've got it, you save your money!"

But by me not paying, I was actually doing him a favor, though it didn't feel like it at the time.
He is in the process of learning.
Learning the difference between smart purchases from not so smart purchases.
Learning how to manage his finances now, so when he goes out into the world he will be prepared.

Around the age of fourteen/fifteen, I had to pay for things on my own. Hairspray, clothes, shoes....etc.
My parents supplied our basic needs at home, {most}wants and extras were up to us! (my siblings and I)
I am ever so thankful for that.

My husband and I want to do the same for our own children. Life isn't free.
Kids should learn young, if you want (or need) something, you have to earn it!

It's hard not to feel guilty watching your children pull out their last dollar to buy a toy or a piece of candy.
As a mom, I always feel I should be taking care of those things...but really, I shouldn't.

Kids need to learn value. How do we teach value?
Value is learned through sacrifice.

If we are constantly giving and giving to our kids, they will never feel sacrifice.
Lack of sacrifice is what has gotten so many people into the poor financial situations they are in today.
Americans want what they want and they want it NOW!

When we have to work for something, or give something up for something else,
we value whatever that something we've worked or sacrificed for is.
{Have I used the word something enough here?}

Sometimes not buying for our kids is a bigger sacrifice on OUR part.
I love giving gifts. It is one of my love languages.

It would give me great joy to hand over a new doll to one of my girls,
or a Lego set to one of my boys for no reason at watch their faces light up.

It's just as much fun for me as it is for them...
but is it healthy to shower them with gifts to make us all feel good for a short time?....No.

I encourage you to not buy anything your kids don't need. Really need!

Let them break into the piggy bank for their wants.
Trust me, when they start using their own money, they tend to make wiser decisions.
They sort through what they want and what they really want, what's important and what isn't.

This will build character and teach financial responsibility. It's not always easy, but it's for the best. :)

Happy Tuesday.
Elizabeth XxOo