Friday, June 7, 2013

Fashion Tip Friday ~

Early last Saturday morning one of my sons, two brothers, a sister in love and a niece all ran a race.
Lots of us went to cheer them our family, you have a pretty big support team.
Even at the crack of dawn. Well, maybe it wasn't the crack of dawn, but it was early. ;)  

Later that afternoon, we all went to the parade. Same Saturday every year. Rain or shine.
My whole family, minus one sister who had to work....there were thirty one of us.

Below are the Jesse White Tumblers. They are incredible!
They walk the parade every year and do amazing acrobatics as they move along past the crowds.

The parade leads into my Fashion Tip....not really a tip, but a photo.
A photo that will leave you in awe. (unless you too have done such a thing???)
Ladies, if you are wearing heels this weekend and feel the need to complain about your feet hurting,
think back to this picture.

They walked a 2+ hour parade route.
Now That! (pause) is taking fashion to a whole new level. and honestly, I don't want to be on that level.
Yikes, Helloooooo band-aids.

This week I've had my neighbor's boys while they are away on a trip together. Alone.
(coveting is wrong, comparison is the thief of all joy, I am not jealous, I'm happy for my friends....etc :)

My house is full of little and big boys! Food, food and more food is all I can say.
The kids are having a blast and it's actually lots of fun to have everyone here. Busy, but fun.
The weather has been so crumby..cold and rainy all week. So we are excited for a sunny Saturday.

Sunday is my sister's wedding shower! She is getting married in just five weeks.
We're all getting excited for her big day.
How about you? Big weekend plans?

Happy Friday.


  1. I wear those shoes every day. False.

    You're such a good friend keeping extra boys. Aren't we friends? I mean, what's 5 more? Nothing.

  2. i love your family. so great everyone went out to support the ones running - i'm doing my first 5k in july. do you think they'd come up? ;))

    happy weekend. xo

  3. how cool to run as a family! with all of you wonderful cheerleaders too!

    i knew that i shouldn't have worn those shoes! and that someday i would end up here as a fashion not to. ;)

    our weekend is filled with... running. haha. literally. and grad parties.

    have a great one! <3

  4. You never know when you may meet a boy who thinks walking a parade in heels is downright sexy. :-)

    I AM TOO YOUNG to be a grandma! My son is getting OLD!

  5. Oh, those crazy girls! (the ones in heels). What a wonderful neighbor/friend you are. And thanks for the reminder that comparing is a thief of joy. I'm struggling again, as I've heard of yet another friend who gets to go away. Ahhhh well. God knows! I love your blog! Hugs! (richgem-"happygail55")

  6. Another fun post! I rarely wear heels and could never walk a parade in them, LOL!

  7. How did I ever miss your new blog?!? I suppose I've been away from the computer the past two weeks with my sister's wedding out of state, now it's catch-up time! :)

    What fun to run together as a family! And to have traditions like going to the same parade every year... Just so fun!!

    Happy Monday!! xoxo

  8. My older kids all pay for their own clothes except socks and underwear:) besides... Yet like expensive things so with 9 kids... I can't do that:)
    Btw this is Tereza from xanga (celebratinglifeandmotherhood) I have set up a blog here but it's not open yet. Still working on Archives. Will let you know when it's open!
    Love your header