Thursday, July 30, 2015

I want to live on the lake.

4 minutes earlier and she would have entered into this world in our minivan.
I still feel bad for the nurse who wasn't prepared to deliver my baby as soon as I walked in the
door of the hospital. At least we gave her a story to tell when she went home that night. ;)

Today our first daughter Allison turned 11.
I can't believe it. I know it's cliche to say...but time flies. It really does.

To celebrate, she wanted to go to the beach.
Some good friends of our's came along..everyone had a blast.

Thank you summer for finally arriving in the Midwest.
Thank you Lake Michigan for a lovely day.
Thank you God for perfect, perfect weather today!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I'm back.

We've been...
swimming and gardening and bike riding and visiting markets and
keeping Frankie from constantly climbing the stairs and celebrating birthdays and
scratching mosquito bites {they are relentless this year!} and eating ice cream and
rearranging bedrooms and getting together with lots of cousins and washing towels and washing towels and washing towels {but you know, everyone uses their own towels...catch my sarcasm?!} and trying new recipes and art..the girls have been creating..painting fans and making picture books...

...yeah, we've been keeping busy.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back here in my little corner of the online world. :)

Monday, July 20, 2015


Nope! I'm not taking a break by choice….a crashed hard drive happened.
Of course my computer would choose the exact week I DON'T want it to happen, to happen!
Hmm…would there ever be a week I would like it to happen?

This summer I am not working at Farmers Markets..
…instead, I am helping work the social media part of the farm.
It's a super fun job! {but without a computer it's an impossible job!!! Grrrr….}

The best of both worlds… see, I LOVE markets! I miss them.
The atmosphere, the vegetables, the other vendors,  the customers....etc...
….but I hate, HATE leaving my kids behind all summer. and I hate being so busy.

With this job, I still get to attend markets…
{alone, with my kids, or with Jeff as a personal favorite}
….and then come home and do all sorts of fun creative work.

There are so many great things happening at the farm this year and…Corn will be ready THIS week!!!

I want to share it all with you, but I am on Jeff's computer and
can't figure out for the life of me how to paste a link! I'm sure it's one silly little button or command…
It also keeps erasing things I am doing..I know it's for sure the computer and not me. ;)

Sooo….I guess I'll share later in the week when I have my own little system back up and running.
For now I'm happy I was able to get into my blog!

See you in a couple of days.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I hate missing a great party!

...but way back in May, I made a promise to my second oldest.
He wanted to see a blue grass/folk band he likes...they were playing in Chicago on July 9....
...I said "Of course I'll take you!"  We wrote it on the calendar and the date was set in stone.

Then, a week or so before the show, I receive a phone call from Sophia 
...inviting me to the launch party for the summer issue of Keefe Lake and Country Magazine.

Why is it that all great things end up landing on the same exact day?

My son told me to go to the party..I went to the show with him instead. ;) sister Stephanie took my place at the party!

Thought I'd share some of the photos she took while her and her husband enjoyed a lovely evening
on gorgeous Lake Geneva up in Wisconsin.

Look at that baby bump!!! I'm getting so excited to meet my little nephew.
I'm already his favorite Aunt! He told me..from the womb. We talk.


Oh Sophia..I love how the bottom of your dress is frayed and casual, yet so elegant.
You look lovely as always.

Mr. Keefe...I love looking through the pages of your beautiful Lake and Country Magazine....
...all the while dreaming of living in one of those gorgeous homes on the lake I can't afford at this point in my life!

Happy Day to You.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Real quick before the weekend....

If you're thinking of vacationing in the Chicago area this summer....bring a jacket and an umbrella
OR...just visit London. Pretty much the same thing.

Actually I looked up the 10 day forecast over there and they have more sun predicted than us! Haha.
It's good though...our risk for skin cancer is going down, right?

Yesterday I took three of my boys and a brother to see a concert in the park.
Jeff met us after work.

Before the show we walked around...about 1100 miles.
It was such a gorgeous day..the sun was actually out for once!
How could we resist all of Chicago's glory in the summertime? We couldn' we walked.

And Frankie! He is so mesmerized by everything...his little finger was pointing all day long. So cute.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.
...and here and here are a couple of songs from Judah and the Lion...the show we went to last night.


Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July

I downloaded my pictures and it was one of those days where I wish I would have taken more!
Oh well....Here's a few for the memory book called my blog.

The 4th is one of my's always fun at my parent's house...
....there's usually a million people
...more food than the United States Army could consume.
....fireworks are always shot off have your choice..lemonade or iced tea with lemon.
......there's always pretty pies'll get mosquito bites...but it will be totally worth it!

~ The Franks ^^^


Friday, July 3, 2015

A little bit of life in pictures.

My hydrangeas are beautiful this year. Big and bright!
I made a ton of strawberry jam this afternoon and also a few quarts of strawberry syrup for pancakes.

If you're looking for a pesto recipe...go on over to Twin Garden Farms blog.
I made pesto yesterday and shared it there.

Hope you have a Blessed and Wonderful 4th of July!!!
Happy Birthday America!