Friday, July 10, 2015

Real quick before the weekend....

If you're thinking of vacationing in the Chicago area this summer....bring a jacket and an umbrella
OR...just visit London. Pretty much the same thing.

Actually I looked up the 10 day forecast over there and they have more sun predicted than us! Haha.
It's good though...our risk for skin cancer is going down, right?

Yesterday I took three of my boys and a brother to see a concert in the park.
Jeff met us after work.

Before the show we walked around...about 1100 miles.
It was such a gorgeous day..the sun was actually out for once!
How could we resist all of Chicago's glory in the summertime? We couldn' we walked.

And Frankie! He is so mesmerized by everything...his little finger was pointing all day long. So cute.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.
...and here and here are a couple of songs from Judah and the Lion...the show we went to last night.


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