Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I hate missing a great party!

...but way back in May, I made a promise to my second oldest.
He wanted to see a blue grass/folk band he likes...they were playing in Chicago on July 9....
...I said "Of course I'll take you!"  We wrote it on the calendar and the date was set in stone.

Then, a week or so before the show, I receive a phone call from Sophia 
...inviting me to the launch party for the summer issue of Keefe Lake and Country Magazine.

Why is it that all great things end up landing on the same exact day?

My son told me to go to the party..I went to the show with him instead. ;)
So..my sister Stephanie took my place at the party!

Thought I'd share some of the photos she took while her and her husband enjoyed a lovely evening
on gorgeous Lake Geneva up in Wisconsin.

Look at that baby bump!!! I'm getting so excited to meet my little nephew.
I'm already his favorite Aunt! He told me..from the womb. We talk.


Oh Sophia..I love how the bottom of your dress is frayed and casual, yet so elegant.
You look lovely as always.

Mr. Keefe...I love looking through the pages of your beautiful Lake and Country Magazine....
...all the while dreaming of living in one of those gorgeous homes on the lake I can't afford at this point in my life!

Happy Day to You.


  1. sweet mama and a memory Alex will always cherish. the party looks fab and pregnant women are the prettiest. excited for Steph and your family w this little one. all so fun!! xo

  2. You guys are just fabulous! Oh my goodness, what an honor to have met your sister! You have a pretty amazing family and I can't wait to have dinner with you all! We will all talk soon! This is truly so flattering and I want to say - thank you!

  3. Yeah dear, I totally agree with you. Even, just few days ago I missed a holiday party organized by friend. Other friends told me that it was a great party. I felt really bad that I missed it.