Monday, April 27, 2015

Please don't steal my pictures.

I enjoy being part of this great big social media world.
One of my favorite parts is seeing other people's pictures.I'm sure it's one of your favorite parts too!
I love to look and I also love to share my own.

Recently I was browsing through some of the people following me and
I was shocked to find two of MY pictures on someone else's site with captions I didn't write!

I know it's bound to happen if you put yourself out there,
but it was strange and creepy to see.

I don't mind if you want to use a photo...
(not that I am a super professional photographer and people are dying to have my works! ;)
..but if you do, please don't pretend it's your own picture and write your own captions.

I try to give credit where credit is's the respectful thing to do.
I ask you kindly that you do the same. :)

Thanks so much.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Tomorrow is supposed to be 45 degrees with a 100% chance of rain, and I am totally fine with that!
This week has been cRaZy. I am looking forward to a slow Saturday morning with Jeff around...
...a fire in our wood stove, waffles and washing my kitchen floor.
Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this video made me cry. Sooo sweet!

...and a song for your weekend.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We can see our floor again...for the most part.

This was Monday morning in my living room..and Tuesday morning and this morning as well.
Frankie never made it out of his jammies yesterday. Cleaning was that intense.

As I type up this post my kids are wrapping up the last of the mess.
They've been a huge help this week.

And now...
My attic is empty! My attic is EMPTY you guys!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!

We're having a garage sale at my sister's house this weekend.
I'm so glad to be rid of our extra stuff. #firstworldproblems

How we became such hoarders is a mystery to me.
I am not a saver and I'm not very sentimental with things.
...well...except with presents from for example...
{...are you reading this Honey? -insert batting eyelashes}

Our attic was jammed packed with boxes and bags on their way to Salvation Army.
So apparently I am a hoarder of donation items.

I found many interesting an outfit I bought for my friend's baby that I never mailed.
She just turned 9 years old this month!

I found a shirt for a friend I bought 3 years ago and again, never mailed!
I found another baby gift and a gift for the mom...again, never you see a pattern?

Someday I will tell you how bad I am at mailing...
and I won't tell you how I live less than a mile from the post office.

Hope you're having a great week.
Our's has been very busy...but productive!

Happy Wednesday.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Have a great Friday.

This week flew by.
On Tuesday we took a last minute train into the city and stayed for a couple days.
Jeff's cousin was here on business...we were so excited to visit with her.
Jeff was working nearby so he met us for dinner.

Jeff's cousin graciously gave us her room when she thought she was leaving..
...but at the last minute she was able to stay with us...or rather we stayed with her..Haha.
Thanks so much Heidi!

We live close, so we don't usually spend the night unless it's just Jeff and I.
It was a big treat for the girls....they LOVED being up on the 20th floor.

Frankie's first cab ride...documented for the baby book I don't keep up with. ;)

Their new favorite store...Dylan's Candy Bar.
We only visited two days in a row.

We are working outside in the yard Saturday and then grilling cheeseburgers in the evening.
Sunday we're visiting with some friends after church.
What about you? Big plans for the weekend?


Monday, April 13, 2015

Why didn't anyone tell me?

An Eataly opened in Chicago!!! Eataly you guys..Eataly!!!
You have NO idea how excited Jeff and I were.

I'm thinking we're going to be visiting often.
The Pizza..the Italian Sodas..the Cheese.

Frankie's got to learn early on the right way to eat...Italian, right?!
Buona Giornata!!!

Sunday City Lunch.

We spent part of the weekend in the city with Jeff's sister and her husband ^^^
and Jeff's cousin who is here on business.  It was Gorgeous!

We ate lunch at RPM Italian.  

My one complaint...they don't give you a bread basket!
In my opinion, ALL Italian restaurants should bring you bread sticks or rolls when you sit down.

Why? Because that's what Italians are all about...Food!...
..."Come on in, have something to eat...Immediately"!

I forgive them because their coconut gelato and stuffed olives are amazing!
...and their service is great too!

The amazing green olives....
...stuffed with sausage and mozzarella..I want one right now.

Flowers are in the city!...Impatients in pots and in the ground.
Hello spring. Summer is on it's way.

Thank you for the messages everyone sent asking if we were okay with
all the big storms that rolled through here last week.
It was crazy..the amount of times the sirens went off was the most I ever heard!

We are all fine, just lost internet and our phone for a few days.
I haven't had a chance to answer everyone back yet...I will..Just wanted to say..
Thanks for thinking of us! It was very sweet.

I do feel bad for the towns a little south of us, they are in bad shape. It's very sad.
Pray for them...there are so many people who have their lives completely changed after the storms.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch...Outtake Edition.

How strange and exciting it felt to sit down one morning with a hot cup of coffee,
flip through the latest issue of Lake and Country Magazine and read a page about myself!
{A few pounds chubbier than I am now...but hey, that's part of having a baby, right?}

Such wonderful and talented ladies...
....what an honor to be invited to work along side them for this fun project.

Lauren, Lisa, Kaitlyn and I spent an afternoon/evening in Sophia's charming loft apartment
being photographed by the lovely Anna Urban.  Our make-up was applied by the beautiful Sunny.
..and all of those gorgeous flower arrangements were created by Lilypots located in Lake Geneva.

I thought I'd share a few photos not that weren't used in the magazine.

My baby has grown so much since this photo was taken!


Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter fell on our anniversary...or is it the other way around?

The weekend was gorgeous. Sunny and warm enough to be outside without a coat.
We were at Jeff's mom and dad's house Saturday to celebrate Easter.

Above ^^^ all the cousins {and Granny} post egg hunt.

My three youngest brothers and my sons Sunday morning. 

We do an Easter breakfast every year at church.
This year my contribution was Hostess donuts and Capri least I displayed them nicely.
Can I still use the "I have a new baby" excuse months later?

Family picture kid's edition Part 1 and 2....why my son carries around a cane I have no idea.
He has a collection of them.

My mom and dad's house Easter Sunday.

Some of the cousins...Pre-egg hunt.

Two of my little nephews.

You know how excited you used to get about your birthday when you were a little kid?
That's how I am about our anniversary!

It's been 18 years and for the first time ever our anniversary fell on Easter Sunday.
Last night after we came home from my mom's
we tried to watch a movie {Monkey Business with Cary Grant}...

...we fell asleep before the movie even finished loading!
We'll have a hot date next weekend instead.

I asked him for one picture of us....

...where I found out what was going on behind me..

 ...where I said forget it and started to walk away.....

....where he pulled me back and smiled like a normal person.
Man I love him so much.

Happy new week to you.