Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday City Lunch.

We spent part of the weekend in the city with Jeff's sister and her husband ^^^
and Jeff's cousin who is here on business.  It was Gorgeous!

We ate lunch at RPM Italian.  

My one complaint...they don't give you a bread basket!
In my opinion, ALL Italian restaurants should bring you bread sticks or rolls when you sit down.

Why? Because that's what Italians are all about...Food!...
..."Come on in, have something to eat...Immediately"!

I forgive them because their coconut gelato and stuffed olives are amazing!
...and their service is great too!

The amazing green olives....
...stuffed with sausage and mozzarella..I want one right now.

Flowers are in the city!...Impatients in pots and in the ground.
Hello spring. Summer is on it's way.

Thank you for the messages everyone sent asking if we were okay with
all the big storms that rolled through here last week.
It was crazy..the amount of times the sirens went off was the most I ever heard!

We are all fine, just lost internet and our phone for a few days.
I haven't had a chance to answer everyone back yet...I will..Just wanted to say..
Thanks for thinking of us! It was very sweet.

I do feel bad for the towns a little south of us, they are in bad shape. It's very sad.
Pray for them...there are so many people who have their lives completely changed after the storms.



  1. Love the picture of Jeff wearing little Frankie! Adorable :) There is just something about baby-wearing dads that is so precious.

  2. So glad you guys are okay, Liz. Question...why is everyone in your family gorgeous?
    Your time in the city looked fabulous!

  3. love that city.
    Frankie is growing way too fast.
    and now I'm hungry.😳
    glad y'all were safe in the storms--
    they were crazy, I heard.