Monday, April 27, 2015

Please don't steal my pictures.

I enjoy being part of this great big social media world.
One of my favorite parts is seeing other people's pictures.I'm sure it's one of your favorite parts too!
I love to look and I also love to share my own.

Recently I was browsing through some of the people following me and
I was shocked to find two of MY pictures on someone else's site with captions I didn't write!

I know it's bound to happen if you put yourself out there,
but it was strange and creepy to see.

I don't mind if you want to use a photo...
(not that I am a super professional photographer and people are dying to have my works! ;)
..but if you do, please don't pretend it's your own picture and write your own captions.

I try to give credit where credit is's the respectful thing to do.
I ask you kindly that you do the same. :)

Thanks so much.


  1. good grief.
    i'm sorry this happened to you!!!

  2. Amen to that. I want you to be able to continue showing all the fun.

  3. so sorry this happened again..
    don't let it steal your joy of doing what you do here.
    you're right, things like this come w social media, but it's still creepy!
    hope you can contact this person or get some answers.