Monday, May 4, 2015

I had my camera on the wrong setting...

...all weekend long!
Who doesn't check their camera settings for two days? {hand raised}

....Saturday was gorgeous. We went to one of my favorite neighborhoods for their garage sales.
Even if I were to find nothing...I like walking around. I go {almost} every year.

Beautiful,beautiful, big, old homes. Trees blooming everywhere!
Days like Saturday make me love spring...
...days like tomorrow {60 and rain} make me not like it so much. ;)

 ...I have this thing for colonial style homes.
We actually bought an old one 13 years ago and still live in it.
However, I have always been in love with the one in the above picture....
... and if I could, I'd trade mine for it in an instant!
{sorry my house..I do love you so much, but...c'mon..look!}

The picture doesn't do justice for the house.
It looks bigger in real life....and you can't see the pretty porch off the side or
the cute little building next to it...we'll blame it on bad camera settings. ;)

Deal of the weekend?
My girls rode away on two vintage schwinn bicycles in perfect condition from the 1970's.
Two sisters used to own them...their dad was asking a pretty penny $$$.

When he saw Allison and Sophia he said he'd give us a deal
because he'd be happier to see little girls actually use them....instead of dealers buying them..
..and let me tell you! We got a deal!!!

....and that's it for poor quality photos and talk of garage sales.
Hope your week was off to a good start.

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