Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We can see our floor again...for the most part.

This was Monday morning in my living room..and Tuesday morning and this morning as well.
Frankie never made it out of his jammies yesterday. Cleaning was that intense.

As I type up this post my kids are wrapping up the last of the mess.
They've been a huge help this week.

And now...
My attic is empty! My attic is EMPTY you guys!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!

We're having a garage sale at my sister's house this weekend.
I'm so glad to be rid of our extra stuff. #firstworldproblems

How we became such hoarders is a mystery to me.
I am not a saver and I'm not very sentimental with things.
...well...except with presents from for example...
{...are you reading this Honey? -insert batting eyelashes}

Our attic was jammed packed with boxes and bags on their way to Salvation Army.
So apparently I am a hoarder of donation items.

I found many interesting an outfit I bought for my friend's baby that I never mailed.
She just turned 9 years old this month!

I found a shirt for a friend I bought 3 years ago and again, never mailed!
I found another baby gift and a gift for the mom...again, never you see a pattern?

Someday I will tell you how bad I am at mailing...
and I won't tell you how I live less than a mile from the post office.

Hope you're having a great week.
Our's has been very busy...but productive!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. i remember that attic!! ;))
    i thought you were going to kill yourself getting me a fan.
    and hey, was that MY shirt?? haha.
    glad you got it cleaned out - that's such a great feeling.
    happy yard sale & happy rest of the week.
    busy here too, but same, productive.

  2. I wish my basement were empty! I bet that is a wonderful feeling!!

  3. Oh I can relate to the mailing problem. I hate going to the post office. Good for you in getting that attic cleaned out!! It's amazing how much we collect through the years. I remember helping an elderly lady when I was a teenager. She didn't use her upstairs for anything but millions of boxes of stuff!