Friday, June 14, 2013

Fashion Tip Friday ~

I have been asked if Saltwater Sandals are worth it.
Yes, they are most definitely worth the $36 you will be spending.
The shoes in this picture have been worn a billion times! Okay, maybe not a billion, but close enough.

Both my girls and I have a pair. We all match in red, but the shoes come in a variety of colors and styles.
They are comfortable and hold up like you would not believe.
The shoes wear casual, yet are also cute with a sundress for church.
(and I would definitely put them on a little boy too..not red, perhaps navy or brown)

Saltwater sandals originated in the early 1940's as an alternative to traditional children's leather sandals as a way to cope with leather shortages in World War ll. The sandals were made primarily from scrap leather left over from making men's shoes. {taken from Wikipedia}

....and there's my little plug for the day.

We have our little cousin, for the weekend. My girls are thrilled to have a little girl in the house for three days. We also have their dog...their tiny, little, fluffy dog...that's the kind of dog I can handle. :)
Lots going on here over the next couple days....
A birthday party. A race. A Lego convention. Visiting our fathers for Father's Day.

How about you? Busy weekend?
Happy Friday. XxOo


  1. Hi Liz! Love the sandals. I've seen them on other children (in blog pics), too and they always catch my eye. But, the buckles! seem so fussy and I would have to do them for S and S. However....Grace would look absolutely darling in maybe a dark blue pair! And we have the same size feet! Hmmmmmmm

    Happy Friday!

  2. yes. love them! i think you were the first one i heard about them from, and now, i see them everywhere! :))

    wishing you great weekend~ xo

  3. I think red sandals are so cute! I wish saltwater would do synthetic materials, that would be so great, love the style. Adorable. : )

  4. i love them in red!

    our weekend is... busy.
    end of daycamp picnic,
    running event,
    pizza party,
    airport open house,
    grad party.

    i'm tired just thinking about all of the fun! :)


  5. ha. and did i mention that it's myron's BIRTHDAY and father's day too?!!

  6. I think you are the first person that introduced me to those sandals via your blog, and they are adorable!! It seems like the leather would be so comfortable too, and wouldn't give blisters like a lot of other sandals give my daughters. ;(

    It was a busy weekend here too! Cousins visiting from Pennsylvania, so that meant sleepovers and pool parties here, plus all-day family get-together for Father's Day with my husband's family... Now it's Monday and we're exhausted!! :)


  7. 1940's styles are some of my favs! I totally agree with you on buying good quality clothes even if they cost a bit more. I had an Anthropologie gift card a few years ago and bought an aviator style dark green jacket. It was definitely way more than I ever spend on clothes but I know I'll wear it for the gift card covered most of it. ;)