Monday, October 24, 2016

The cancelled date.

Jeff and I had a dinner date planned for Friday night.

Friday morning {some of} my kids and I left the house early for a
field trip to Catigny Park with our homeschool group.

By the time we arrived back home later that afternoon, Frankie wasn't feeling all that great.
Clingy, stuffy, miserable...and only wanting mama....
.....we cancelled our date over the phone while Jeff drove home from work.

He walked in the door with Chinese takeout and a movie.
It was a family date for dinner...then later Jeff and I watched a movie sans children.
It's been forever since we've sat down and watched a movie together.
{unless you count the debates....
...but that was with children and blood pressure levels were running high}

{Don't judge! Yes..he still has the binky..usually he doesn't get it in public or outside,
but he was starting to feel why not? He is the sixth child...standards have been lowered.}

I haven't really told anyone...but this is actually my real house and my real front yard.
I don't like to, you know.

Okay..well, have a great evening.

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