Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not the first day of school.

This is NOT a back to school post.
Our first day of school isn't until after Labor Day...I wish this was how it worked for everyone!
Facebook is making me feel like fall has arrived,
even though the weather and garden are still screaming full on summer!

I admit...seeing all of your pictures has gotten me a little anxious and excited for the new school year,
but I will wait. For now we're going to swim and pick tomatoes and blend lemonade slushies.

I smelled a pumpkin candle at TJMaxx the other day...I almost fell for it. Almost!
But no...I put that baby right back on the shelf and let it know I'd be back in a couple weeks.

7 1/2 weeks until baby's due date. I can't wait!!!

I've already had a chat with the baby....
....he or she will be sleeping through the night right away.
......minimal crying if at all.
...sweet disposition.
Pretty much...the perfect baby.

Would you believe I STILL have nothing ready for the baby?!
My mom told me about this knit jersey wrap.I love it and am going to order it, that way I feel like I've made some baby item progress. :)
It's hard not knowing what baby is....there are so many cute boy/girl things out there!

It's not that I don't want to buy anything..I just don't know what to buy!
I'll get onsies and sleepers and blankets...however.... soon as this baby arrives,
the UPS man is going to be our very good friend and
amazon prime will probably terminate my membership! ;)

Jeff and I were in the city last weekend. We went to a friend's rooftop party.
The view from atop was just beautiful. I love's such a pretty city.
We went to the Italian fest all I keep thinking about is toasted ravioli. It was sooo good!
I have a bad quality picture...but I'll spare you. Your welcome.

I need to get into my garden and pick tomatoes now.

Hope your day is a lovely one.
Happy middle of the week to you.


  1. I've thought about no starting school until after Labor Day, too, but public schoolers started Aug. 1st and the pressure is just too much! You look beautiful! Can't wait to see what your baby is, too! :)
    Allison is going to be a drop-dead gorgeous woman!!

  2. You do my heart good. Love that, deciding how and when to do school thing. Out here in the West, we always wait til after Labor day because our schools don't get out until late in June. Weather wise it is a good idea too, as Sept. is almost always HOT. If any of those older boys head off to College in the future, you will find all sorts of reasons to rearrange your schedule around theirs :)
    So excited that you will have two Labor days this year! You are a darling Mama, and I think that baby is going to have a LOT of arms to hold him or her. We did find David more content, as the boys were 8 and 10 and more than happy to help.