Monday, December 8, 2014

Wait...How much are those jeans?

My little guy and I went shopping this weekend.
He needed a pair of shoes/slippers...I needed a pair of jeans.

The longer you walk around Nordstrom, the more you become desensitized.
I realized this when I found myself standing in a dressing room facing the mirror wearing
a {very comfortable and near perfect fitting} pair of $288.00 jeans.

The  pretty lady that worked at the store told me I would love them. I did!
She said they were premium denim. They were!
She brought a bottle of water to my dressing room...
....along with a pretty sweater and a cardigan to try on with the fancy jeans I now wanted.

"So, how did they work out?" she asked.

How did they work out?
Hmmm...How did they work out?
It depends how you look at it. Actually it's more depends on who's looking at it.

Jeff's face flashed before my eyes...Did I want to Live or Die? Live. or Die?
Another was the kid's hungry little faces....Groceries or Jeans?
And then there was that whole conscience thing.

Soooo.....I chose life and went to Trader Joe's Saturday evening.  :)

We've been decking our halls.
I absolutely love this time of year!
These next couple weeks are devoted to celebrating this blessed and wonderful season.

Hope your week is off to a good start!


  1. I wish money grew on trees....

    Your baby is so so cute! Do u get tired of hearing that? :) I could just stare at him...he is so presh.

  2. You chose what I would have chosen...groceries over the $288 jeans! Especially groceries from Trader Joe's, which I love.Your tree looks wonderful, kind of old fashioned with those fabulous balls. Baby is SUCH a doll. He has the best expressions!I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christ~celebrating season! Hugs!

  3. You did well passing up those sensational but too pricy jeans. Even in our more affluent days, I only shopped the sale racks at Nordstrom! I am sure I would be shocked today. Your tree looks so pretty. Makes me want to get ours decorated. It is standing in its naked glory, but smelling like a wonderful forest. And your baby...Frankie is too perfect of a name for him, and David and I were oooing and ahhhing over his cuteness the other day. Love the hair.

  4. Awww man, good choice Liz!! I love that nutcracker, he looks SO legit! The wreath and the wonderful vintage ornaments are so beautiful! Have a blessed season celebrating Him. xo -Chris

  5. LOL I am so glad you chose life. Good call on that one. Wow, 288 dollars on a pair of premium jeans and a lady serving you in such thoughtful ways! But is good. Um, baby boy is mesmerizing in that first pic, so cute and holding up his head very strongly!
    Love the pics and your simple, lovely blog posts. Hugs!

  6. Fabulous. I've been there - this week with a boot. Life is good, premium set aside - just the basics and contentment. But man, I'm with you, expensive jeans fit nice. thank you for not over spiritualizing everything you write. I mean that in the best way. It's refreshing, and simplistic, and just shines.

  7. Just found you through Instagram. I love your writing style.