Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I think I'm onto something.

I consider myself to be a Fabulous dancer. A really, really, Really good dancer.
I have moves that would cause Mr. Joffrey himself to ring my phone off the hook should he find out.

However, not Everyone agrees with me. Or maybe it's not ANYONE agrees with me. I can't remember.
At any rate, I don't let it get me down. I ignore the laughter and the smirking and just keep on dancing.

Yesterday as I was cleaning and doing my special ninja style dance moves with the girls, I thought...
Why not make a workout series for the uncoordinated!?

Bad Dancers Unite.
For those of us who are seriously Misunderstood.

A 45 minute cardio workout that will have you.....
Flailing your arms in all directions. Pointing your finger in the air John Travolta style.
Spinning and spinning and spinning..and even stepping on your own two feet at the same time!
(How can you step on your own two feet at the same time? I'm that good. I can teach you. ;)

{Tea Parties in jammies with a passed down tea set from the Aunties = The Best.}

Should you be up during the 2am hour...be on the lookout for my infomercial.

Happy Dancing to you on this lovely Tuesday.

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