Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fashion Tip Friday {The Scarlet Saturday Edition} ~

I am a day late again. (I think I say this every other Friday.)
But I'm sure you've come to expect this from I guess if you're ok with it, so am I! =)

Late yesterday afternoon found us in the doctor's office.
After a couple days of a sore throat and fever and then breaking out in a rash...
I knew exactly what was wrong with Sophia. Scarlet Fever.
(Alex had it once when he was around her I knew the symptoms)

Once known as a very serious and deadly disease...Scarlet Fever is actually just a form of strep.

Though it's not as bad as it used to really does need to be treated and quickly.
If not, it can lead to kidney disease, rheumatic fever, meningitis, pneumonia and
can also cause heart damage.

I do not like giving my kids antibiotics. We tend to do things a bit more natural around here.
It's how both Jeff and I were raised. But in a case like this...she's on an antibiotic.

My sister has been calling her Miss O'Hara. I thought it was pretty funny.
We'll be at home all weekend. It's rainy and chilly. But no snow. =(

Currently we're watching The Muppets Christmas Carol.
It's one of my Favorites. I've always loved The Muppets.

So, in honor of Miss Piggy....I thought I'd share with you my new favorite nail polish.
Perfect for this season. "Excuse Moi" by Op. Love the sparkles.

OPI Muppets Collection Excuse Moi! Nail Polish

Glitter and sparkles are everywhere right now. Very trendy to shine.
Found these shoes on them too.

Pinned Image

Happy Sparkle-y Saturday to you.
Hope your weekend is a great one.

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