Friday, December 23, 2011

Fashion Tip Friday ~

Happy Day before Christmas Eve! I am so excited for this weekend.
As I type...
Flurries are coming down outside,
It's Christmas Eve at the Bailey's and George is yelling on the phone at Zuzu's teacher,
Allison and Sophia are making felt Christmas trees and glittering our family room floor. =/
(Someday I'll post about my obsession with glitter and Jeff's hatred towards it.
*Note to us* Run vacuum before Jeff gets home! =)
Almost all of our gifts are wrapped. Sophia went ahead and wrapped 9 of them while I was in the kitchen....
withOUT using tags.So what gift belongs to who???
It's a great mystery to us. We will be trying to decipher them tonight without having to rewrap.
Or...we may just leave them and my brother Caleb will perhaps open nailpolish and my niece will open up a gun. Ha!
Ok. Christmas Fashion Tip.
Watching old Christmas movies today,
(we started at 6am this morning...Holiday Inn, White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life)
I noticed one thing...they were all dressed up!
Holidays were a special occasion.
A celebration to put on fancy clothes, curl hair and apply lipstick!
It's not everyday you can wear sparkles and high heels ya know.
Growing up, I always had a new Christmas dress to wear. New tights. Shiny patten shoes.
I Loved it. I couldn't wait to get dressed on Christmas.
My Mom always made sure we looked our best on holidays, because they were special.
We were celebrating something wonderful and she wanted us to look nice.
I do the same for my girls. (and boys)
When it's a holiday, whether they like it or not, they're dressed up. No exceptions!
Our country has become so casual. Thanksgiving dinner is eaten in comfy sweatpants and unbrushed ponytails.
It just shows how lazy we have become. We do not have the same respect for proper occasions as we used to.
Now I know everyone feels differently about dressing on holidays. Every family has their own way of doing things.
But I would encourage you to dress a little nicer...make it feel special,
even if it's just putting on some lipgloss or wearing a necklace. =)
Hope you all have a Very, Very Merry Christmas.
Remember the reason that we are celebrating this weekend.
I am so thankful for my Saviour coming into this world.
So thankful for my God.
Merry Christmas Everyone.

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