Monday, August 5, 2013

What I wanted but didn't buy.

Summer has us busy. Many hours are spent at farmers markets.
From Thursday to Sunday our family sold around 14,400 ears of sweet corn!

Two times a year we sell at a flea market. I Love this market...
I wrote true story about it here .

Happy Monday.


  1. I like what you like. : ) Darling things...I look forward to reading about your family and the corn business...That sounds very neat.

    Thanks again for the sweet comment on our little pet, we still miss her so much. It's such a strange time.

    I enjoyed your post, neat things with such stories...Such stories...

    Take care now, ~Amelia

  2. I would be an absolute disaster in a flea market like that!! I would either not go at all, or else go LOADED with money, or else go with NO money. Ha! :) I love all those beautiful vintage and antique things! What fun! And my goodness, you all have been working HARD!! That is a lot of corn sold. But if it's you and your family selling? Of course it sells! I'd buy it by the truckload just to buy from you. :) xoxo

  3. We could never go antiquing together because we would be fighting over the same items. :-) You have impeccable taste in vintage my friend.

    That is a lot of corn!

  4. We COULD go flea marketing together because I think we like different things. There'd be NO fighting. In fact, there'd be the helpful, hey, this looks like something you'd like, type of comments.

  5. I love going to places like that! I need to find a flea market around here because my new house *needs* some new things! :)