Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10 Things

1. Today I declared "Home Economics" in this home school. All math has been canceled.
Kids are happy. Mom is even happier. {more on this later}

2. Our wood stove is making the house cozy and toasty. Love it.
3. We had our first big frost last night. Everything was so glittery in the morning sun.
4. 38 days and we put our Christmas tree up. {Yay!}

5. Instead of a date with Jeff, I spent Saturday night in the ER with my oldest.
He went on a 22 mile hike with friends from church. He fell off of a guard rail and sliced a chunk out of his shin. Literally a chunk..it is missing from his leg. The bone was exposed. It was the most disgusting wound I have seen on one of my children. He was 8 miles into the hike when this happened.
Did he stop and call his parents like he should have? Was he worried at all? No and No.
The boy wrapped it up and finished the last 14 miles. He ended up needing 7 stitches.

6. My friend  Jennie and her family stayed with us last night passing through on their way to PA.
Wish it wasn't such a short visit.

7. Thankful I get to be a mom. Not always easy, but such a fun and rewarding job.
8. Chocolate chip cookies are baking in my kitchen. I may or may not have eaten too much dough.

9. I couldn't love anyone on earth more than my husband. Seriously, he is the best.

10. It's Tuesday, I'm acting like it's Saturday.....
...waaaay too late for me to still be in pajamas. Time for real life.

Happy Day to you


  1. That first picture is stunning!
    Sorry about your son, that sounds painful, I must say I am impressed that he finished the hike, but seven stitches! Ouch!
    And the shin always hurts just to bruise it! what a tough boy you have there.
    I don't miss homeschooling math. LOL

  2. Elizabeth your pictures are dreamy! I like the sound of a fire in the stove. I do NOT like the sound of chunks missing from people's knees! I'm such a wimp when my kids get hurt.

    I always love the sound of your cozy house Elizabeth!

  3. Is this the same son that broke his arm on the trampoline a few years back? ( am I remembering correctly?)

    I cannot believe he finished the ride!!!

    I think I need a wood stove.

    And a choc chip cookie

    and to be in my pajamas.


  4. number 5!!! wow! what a gut-it-out kind of guy he must be!! i'm sorry your Saturday was spent in the ER, but glad it was not worse!
    your pictures are just amazing. so perfectly Autumn!!
    love to you Liz~

  5. Your pictures are amazing!! The first one ~ I just want to walk right into it!

    And your son!! GAH. My stomach did a little churning reading about the missing chunk. My stars!! I'm afraid I'd pass out if something like that would happen to one of my kids! I hope he heals up soon!

    Love the chocolate chip cookies baking... and cozy wood stove... and pajamas... still in mine here too. :)

  6. your new header is so pretty i just want to stare - and that first shot.. breathtaking!!

    OUCH!! on tyler's led.. just makes mine hurt thinking about it! :/ must be one tough cookie to keep on hiking~ boys! ;))

    happy wednesday.

  7. I love the way you think. Sounds like we like the same kinds of things. Especially dressing like sat on tues.