Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Tuesday, so....

...two little princesses left their great, big, fancy castle, rode their black and brown and white horses through the village, all the way to school where they traced and painted fall leaves.

...we baked the most disgusting cookies ever. My kids thought they were delicious and fabulous!
{Sophia's favorite food on earth is cotton candy. She gets it once a year from the county fair.
When her Auntie Dana found this mix on clearance at Target.....she made one little girl very happy}

....I taught four piano lessons this afternoon.
...canned a batch of raspberry jam in between lessons.

....thought about juicing my grapes for grape jelly.
....didn't juice my grapes.
....promised myself I'm going to juice the grapes tomorrow.
*note* I also made this same promise  yesterday ;)

..it rained most of the day. It was nice to have everyone inside together.

Is this not the cutest little guy? He came for a visit yesterday.



  1. A lovely life you live! .....

  2. You're an awesome mom...just sayin'! ;) Tell your girls I said hello. :D

  3. have you always taught piano lessons or is this new?

    Today was a lovely rainy day!! I made soup for dinner.

  4. What a happy Tuesday! You are such a good mom to your kids. =)

  5. I think we must of got your rainy day today. I have lots of cleaning to catch up after our weekend away so it is probably a good thing. Hard to stay inside on beautiful sunshiney fall days. Although rainy days are great for writing and reading a good book. :-) See how I am trying to talk myself out of my house work already. I am sure my girls would of loved the cookies as well. Happy Tuesday!

  6. When I enter all my info to comment on this through the fb link on my phone, it NEVER posts my comment. Darn it. I was the first one too, but it's gone!

    The cookies look pretty but don't seem like they would taste good.