Monday, December 9, 2013

Car batteries are a funny thing.

We shipped them off....we do this the first weekend of December.
The boys to Jeff's parents, the girls to mine. We go downtown...{Chicago}

But this year, a car battery changed our plans.
Instead of spending Saturday in the city, we spent it waiting for our car to be fixed.

We cared, but then again we didn't care. It was nice to just be together.
Jeff was able to finish up some work that he needed to get done.
We drank coffee and Christmas shopped a little.

We did make it down in time for the Bull's game.
We met up with our cousin and a friend who works for the Chicago Bulls.
We watched the game from incredible seats and then went out for pizza.

It was freezing cold Saturday. Single-digit freezing. Below- zero-wind-chills freezing.
The kind of cold that goes right through you, but feels good to breath in.

Winter is one of my favorites. I like the snow and cold. Especially this time of year.
It lends to the coziness of the season. and...wearing sweaters and mittens, bliss. :)

Late Saturday night Jeff told me that we have to get into the city before Christmas.
He said it's something we've always done and he didn't want to miss going with me this year.
I felt loved.

We almost went Sunday, but it was snowing.
Instead the day was spent at home just the two of us, a fire  burning in our wood stove, a dinner of wild rice soup and garlic bread,  Christmas movies playing and an afternoon nap on the couch.

Next weekend a trip to Chicago is planned....along with our entourage. :)
Looking forward to it.

Hope your week is off to a good start. Happy Monday.


  1. So glad you had a good day even if you didn't manage to get to spend it in the city.


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  2. So good to enjoy the your time together. Sounds cozy and nice.

  3. I just wanna be like you when I grow up. :) xoxo

  4. You almost make me LOVE the cold. Then I step outside and I realize that frigid cold that you love....makes me think you are crazy! :) I am thankful for coffee and a warm house!

  5. I love the tradition! How fun and special. You guys are too adorable. Really, too adorable. Maybe you could tone it down a little.

    I hate the cold, woman! How can you love it? I don't understand people that love the cold?! Steven is one of them. I blame it on Denver, where he's from. I guess I'll blame yours on chicago and why weren't you here to scrape the two inches of ice off my car so I could go to work this morning?? Sheez.

  6. your weekend sounds cozy - even with the car problems. and when i hear you talk about cold weather you {almost} make me start to like it a little more!! ;))

    cute shot of alex and his suitcase~

  7. So sorry about your battery but it sounds like you had a wonderful time anyway, plus it added more drama to your story. :)
    LOVE the pictures, as always!
    My brother and his friends and all the guys at school, really, were huge Jordan fans back when he was a star on the Bulls team. Did you get to see one of his games?

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