Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Snapshots.

Everyday moments that have made up life lately:
The mega port wine cheese cracker.
Coffee Beans....why do they smell so, so good?
She's 8 now. Her brother gave her $10 to spend at B&N. Oh the choices to be made!
Italian soda...I found a bottle in my basement pantry I forgot about! Score!
I'm almost NOT going to fit into my jeans pretty soon.
I love teaching my kids at home. I am thankful everyday for the opportunity.
We're ready for all the snow to go away....even the snow that's coming tonight! Ugh.
Last weekend we had 13 kids rotate through our house...almost everyone slept over at some point.
{The kids loved it...they wish every weekend could be like that.}

Happy new week to you.


  1. Your snapshots make me happy. Jenny ( I am on my hubby's side of the computer)

  2. look at that teeny tiny belly!!! i THINK i see baby sticking it ... slightly.
    can't wait for it to be bigger - then i can actually say you look fat in your clothes!!!! ;))) kidding.
    you're going to be gorgeous pregnant. still can't believe it for you - i remember our conversation at my house that time about it all.
    so very happy for you!!! xox

  3. You have NO baby belly that I can see, Liz! You'll be one of those who doesn't even show until 5 months I bet. :)
    The crackers and cheese stack made me laugh, it's such a typical kid thing.