Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In My Kitchen.

I found the most simple and fabulous tasting French Bread recipe.
I doubled the batch and was able to make six small loaves.
Garlic bread with ravioli for dinner and toast the next morning was perfect.
Even a non-baker can conquer this task.

You have no idea how excited my girls are that we are having a new baby.
Allison grabbed my camera and took a picture of my stomach while I was wearing my dirty apron.
"We have to start taking pictures of the baby now"...she said. :)

Call it pregnancy cravings, call it a sweet tooth...I woke up thinking about chocolate cupcakes.
I couldn't get them out of my mind...finally after lunch I decided...I'm making cupcakes!
I only ate three. *cough* The cupcakes and the frosting were both made from scratch.
So...that makes being a pig okay, right?

My helper. She's always in the kitchen with me lately.

Happy Midweek to you.


  1. Your pictures are so pretty! I love thinking about how excited your girls must be about your baby! They are going to be so much help to you.

  2. This is just the type of blog post I love....I'm so glad we are internet friends and I can take a peek at your art here. Those cupcakes are so sweet, as is your daughter. Isn't it a joy to have them at our arms when we bake? xo

  3. fabulous pictures. so much happy sweetness.

  4. We all know for a fact that sweet bebe ate 2 of those cupcakes so I'd say at least 1 more won't hurt. :) Love this post. It's so fun when siblings are all excited for the new baby too!

  5. I love every single picture. -Chris

  6. the cupcakes look perfect!! I bet they tasted divine!!