Monday, June 23, 2014

Strawberries and Sacred Jar Rings.

Even though I've gotten more organized with my canning gear over the years,
I still find myself scrounging around kitchen drawers and basement shelves...
....hoping to have enough rings for jars when it's time for processing.

Jar rings are like missing socks in this house.
Each jar is paired with it's own lid.
The lid never leaves the house...the lid is washed with the jar, kept with the jar...
....yet somehow there are always a few that go AWOL.

Since the only thing we've canned so far this summer is strawberry jam..I have an abundance.
Come late September when we're making applesauce, the last and final canning event of the season...
....that's when they will become sacred!

We went strawberry picking...Allison and I.
27 jars of jam we made. 6 quarts frozen for smoothies and muffins. The rest eaten fresh.

A few days ago I was in this point I don't really care if I see or taste a strawberry for a while.

I love that my girls are old enough to be in the kitchen with me and help.
It's more fun to work with them at my side rather than all alone. I will miss these days in the future.

Happy Monday.


  1. Dear Liz, love your picture! Thanks for sharing your day. Love and HUGS, Cindy

  2. Those filled jars look so lovely lined up!

  3. The contrast of the black and white to the color pictures is so pretty! Love that!
    And your strawberry jam jars all lined up with the pretty labels... Now I want to go print some pretty labels. :)
    Love your posts, as always! xoxo

  4. You are so industrious! That will taste so delish this winter when all the strawberries are gone!