Friday, October 24, 2014

Fashion Tip Friday ~

I just had a baby. Which means...I have nothing to wear. Nothing fits me.
Maternity clothes are too regular clothes are too small.
{I was however able button a pair of my "fat" jeans when I tried them on the other day.
Let's just say...muffin top to the extreme...actually it was more like loaf top!}
So...leggings and stretchy cotton it least for a while.

And I'm fine with it...I'd rather be chubby with a new little baby than slim and in shape without him.
He's worth the few extra pounds. :)

But, I still feel gross when I look in the mirror.
So what to do when you are feeling not so in shape?

Fix yourself up in other ways.
Ways you have control over.

Like your...

Fixing up always makes a person feel better.
Sort of like a hot shower when you've been sick on the couch for a couple days.

If you're feeling not quite yourself, get a manicure. Or do one yourself.
Run to Target and pick out a nail color you've never worn before..
...something outside your norm.

Get a haircut, or a new hair style.
Even just a trim will make your ends look healthier and make you feel more fresh.

Go to the nearest makeup counter and pick out a new lipstick for fall.
Or have one of the lovely ladies do your makeup for you.
I recently started using this product and LOVE it!

I would really like to purchase these. However, they're a bit pricey.
Very adorable, but  I'm sure I can find a cheaper version somewhere.

How about a new perfume?
At the moment, I really like...
...this line {currently I wear Unconditional Love..Jeff bought it for me last Christmas}
....and these are so fun!  I love the citrus and the fruity lines. and they last forever on your skin!

If you do small things to take care of yourself,
You won't feel so bad about the things you don't like.

Happy Weekend.

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  1. Great tips! Enjoy that new baby, Liz, as I know you are. These are such precious days.