Friday, January 2, 2015

I'm Ready.

The tree we couldn't wait to cut down Thanksgiving weekend is outside, naked in the burn pile...
...I ate the last hazelnut cookie this morning. Christmas is officially over.

I like this time of year almost as much as I like getting ready for the holiday season.
Almost. ;)

There's an order we seem to lose during December.
The holidays are But normal is nice too.
Sort of like sleeping in your own bed after vacation. There's nothing quite as comfortable.

So next week we're back in our own beds.
Back to school.  Back to regular routines. Back to regular bedtimes. (Hallelujah! ;)
I'm ready.

Thought I'd finish this week up with a few pictures from our past couple weeks.
I have so much to be grateful for.


Happy Weekend.


  1. The baby! It all looks wonderful, BUT the BABY! Too stinkin cute. Happy back to life! We do the 12 days of Christmas, then I have to beg my husband to take the stuff away...he likes Christmas.

  2. totally agree with you on this time of year...just after's finally over, although it was beautiful!! Your baby is so adorable, all your children are. Love your pictures.