Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just an average winter Thursday in January.

{I know it's his little mitt that's in focus and not his face, but I still like this photo}

If I take his mitts off, he looks like he got into fight with an alley cat and lost!
He's still such a little face scratch-er!

It was cold today.
40 mph wind gusts, 20 below with the windchill.

Where were my kids?
Outside working on their snow fort all afternoon.

I figure if Nordic babies nap outside in sub zero temps, my kids can play.
{Although I won't lie...I was a little hesitant to let my son go snowboarding today..
but he's fine and had a great time...just a little mom anxiety. Ha!}

Cold doesn't intimidate our family. {okay..MOST of our family, cough}
They get bundled up like Randy!  and carry on with their activities.
Why they love the cold so much I don't know....
....If we moved to Iceland my kids would have no problem adapting.

I love this...she's multitasking.

In the words of my mother...."Poor Chicken, ouch!"

After having a baby, being in the kitchen was Not top priority.
Now that we're all adjusted and back in the swing of things, I've been spending more time baking.
Back to homemade bread and better dinners!

This little guy loves his baths so much.
There is not much cuter in this world than babies taking baths, right?

Winter time we play a lot of games.
Here's a couple of our favorites if you're interested.

Sleeping Queens

Spot It

Have a great evening.


  1. FB cut off his signature hair style! I thought, "who combed his hair!" What a relief, there it was ;) Love seeing your kids helping with baby, and I know, enjoying him.
    what a good mom. Coming from So. CA. I would be way too worried having them out in the cold. I read about frostbite in 15 min. But obviously if you dress like a rolly polly you can go out!
    David and I are enjoying the baking show on PBS Though I had to make him scones afterwards ;-) You can find it on under videos. I think you will all enjoy. Love the British mannerisms.

  2. OH my, your kids and I would not mesh well. I have only left the house 1 time this week because of the cold. We are night near to eating nothing so I'm gonna brave it today for groceries.
    -The egg picture made me cackle. :D

  3. Love all the pics~ bread looks great and that huge egg? Yup!!! I say if we live in a place that's freezing cold we might as well enjoy it!! Learning to do that myself. ;))

    Miss u all.

  4. I love the shot of her playing cards while soothing baby brother. I sooo know that feeling of bliss when things return to "normal." There is nothing worse than rapid meals and/or take-out. I mean they serve a purpose sometimes, but nothing beats delicious mamma-made meals---> and that bread looks divine! :)

  5. I loved using Burt's Bees baby wash! It smells so good.
    I have heard of the outdoor naps before and the whole concept intrigues me. Sounds so delightful. I also liked the quote from the article, "there is no bad weather only bad clothing." It is sleeting heavily outside my windows today. :)
    HUGS to you! (and good for you on the baking! The bread looks wonderful!)