Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Where We Share Tunes.

A few songs for your Tuesday.

This one is happy.simple.and makes being broke not sound so bad.

This one is strictly for the video!!! It's so fun.
Turn off the sound if you don't like the song. {I'm not a fan}But watch it!
The choreography and the umbrellas...Oh the Umbrellas!!! Where does one find SO many?

This one I just love. She's also one of my favorite singers.
And one more from her just because she's great.

This one ..well, I just like the song, that's all.

This one  is an arrangement I like, of an old hymn I like.

This one....Oh My Goodness!!! It gets me all teary eyed. It's just the sweetest.
If you're pregnant or a mom!...you'll love it.

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. He is too cute!!!! Also, just read your last post. So glad all is well with Tyler!

  2. He is sooooo cute! Already taking a turn with the iPod, huh? We listened to the songs and loved them! My fav. were 3 and 4. We have a few of her songs, too. She has such talent!
    Happy Tuesday to you, dear Liz.

  3. all the pennies and need to breathe - yes! love those.
    great selections there, frankie!! :))

    happy weekend-ING!! xox