Thursday, May 28, 2015

The day I almost killed my "Are you crazy???" oldest child.

Since I've been little I have been afraid of rivers.
I love them....walking by them, looking at them, even eating ice cream next to them....
....but they make me nervous.

I have this fear of someone falling in and being sucked down and dragged for miles and miles
underwater and found years later tangled in weeds.

There are signs next to this particular {very wide and deep and fast moving} river
with a little stick figure and arrows pointing down. Pointing down as in...
...The river will suck you under! and you'll be dead in two seconds!

The signs say strong current. There are warning signs and danger signs all over the place.
{okay...there are two signs..but to me, a nervous mom, that's tons of signs everywhere..Ha!}

Yesterday afternoon we were out and about...the day was beautiful.. we decided to take a quick walk by the river since we were so close.

I was standing on the grass next to the big bridge when I look over and see....

THIS!!!!!!! I wanted to kill him. I don't think I was ever more angry with a child in my life!
My body was legs felt like jell-o.
{but yeah, I still snapped a picture...not sure why??? show his father?
who would have probably done the same thing} Why do I have a house full of dare-devils?

How did he get up there? How was he going to get down?
Did he want his mother to have a heart attack?

That' it! No more Dude Perfect Videos in this house! ;)

It's not my little kids I have to worry about taking to the river! It's my 17 year old.
Oh little who are already pulling yourself up onto the coffee table...I'm in trouble.

Life with boys. So much fun and it's also turning my hair grey.



  1. arghhhh! heights freak me out and my boys love 'em. i felt out of breath just looking at your pictures. thanks alot. ;)
    you did the right thing tho'; you took a picture. blogged. we all gasp with horror and empathy. all the professionals would tell you to do exactly that. it takes a village of moms for a mom. :)

    a mother of 3 boys and wife to the 4th

  2. I'm with you. It's a fine line with boys between letting them get their "wild" out and trying to keep them safe! ~Shanda

  3. laughing! I love that you took a picture first-
    "I'm going to kill you!! but wait.. smile real quick." ;)) I would have done the same. these are the moments that keep us always whispering prayers under our breath and then make the best stories round the dinner table years from now. "remember that time.." :))

    beautiful shot of Frankie too.
    happy Friday! xox

  4. Oh, I so would have freaked too! I got short of breathe just looking at that picture! I also have that same fear about the ocean and my kids taking one step too far and being swept out by the current. Anxiety for days! Xo-Chris