Monday, June 15, 2015

The weeds are growing wonderfully.

Not sure if it's ever going to stop raining around here.

It's okay. I have a lot of inside work to do today and it's easier to be stuck in
when it's raining outside....I'd be cranky if it were beautiful weather! ;)

I've also accepted it will probably be a bad hair day until September....
...that's the reason why ponytails and buns were invented, right?

Days like this. Where everyone is on top of everyone else.
Where we eat frozen pizza for lunch and color American flags on paper plates and I hear someone yell from the window..."It's raining again!"....these days, these days I love so very much.

What a blessing, what an honor to be a Mom.

Off for a walk with the babe and whoever else wants to come along in between thunderstorms.
Happy Monday

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  1. I agree, being a mom is an incredible blessing! You and your baby boy=preciousness!!!