Monday, June 22, 2015

Things that are hard to do today.

...... look through weekend pictures and not wish it were yesterday.

...Try not to laugh as I tell my 13 year old son what he's saying is unacceptable and gross.
{I held it together!}

...Get rid of ants!
They only visit for about 3 weeks during the beginning of summer...
but while they're here..I hate them!

...Not eat sugar! Oh my 9:30am too early to eat leftover cookie dough?

.....Hang clean laundry on the line..when will it stop raining in Northern Illinois?

.....Sleep past 5:30am even though it's summer.
Good Morning Little Early Bird. Thank you so much for getting my day started early.


{I'm blogging over at  Twin Garden Farms today.
A super easy recipe to use up all that Swiss Chard you have hanging around.
Your house will smell very Italian.}

Buona Giornata!


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  2. Presh! I follow your posts like they're page 6 :D Your family is so darling! Also, I'm serious about you writing for the magazine, lets talk soon love!

    1. Sophia, you are so sweet..I love you.
      and I would LOVE to write. Yes, we'll talk soon. :)