Friday, August 7, 2015

We eat doughnuts, love corn and are always late for the train!

Yesterday morning pretty much topped off the theme of our week....Crazy.

...Woke up late.

Forgot my baby wrap at home...
...which is a huge NO if I'm going to be walking around the city all day.

Missed the express train...hello extra hour, hello millions of stops.

Forgot a binky AND the sippy cup. {Everyone on the train loved us the last 20 minutes!}

We did stop at the Doughnut Vault which makes even the worst day better!
Mocha Coconut doughnut..I'm sure we will be eating these for breakfast in Heaven.

We made it to two Farmer's Markets and spent the rest of the afternoon in the city before
rapidly walking/jogging a little under 2 miles to not miss our train home.
The girls were troopers and kept up the whole time.
...AND we still had 11 seconds to spare as we boarded before the train took off!
{Do you see a pattern here?}

So what are you up to this weekend?
We have a friend's wedding tonight, Farmer's Markets tomorrow and
my sister's baby shower Sunday after church! A full but fun weekend.


Check out this video Jeff, the kids and I put together for the farm.
We had so much fun..we laughed pretty much the whole time.
Because it really is funny? or maybe just because he's our any rate, watch.

Have a Fabulous weekend!


  1. The video is perfect and he's simply adorable! -Holly

  2. Nope, not just you guys--->that video is SUPER cute. I giggled the entire time.....and salivated.....because....that corn looks bomb! xo-Chris