Friday, October 16, 2015

Fashion Tip Friday ~

Remember a loooong time ago when I used to do Fashion Tip Fridays?
{Don't check them out...they are mostly irrelevant and out of style now.}
I want to do them again. {smile}

In the Midwest we are just entering into sweater season...which will last from now until May!
If anything is worth investing's a good jacket and a worthwhile sweater that you love.
Chunky, turtle neck sweaters! I LOVE them. and they are back. and I am collecting.

I have always been a huge fan of sweaters. {aren't most women?}
A few years into our marriage, when Jeff and I still shared a closet, he counted my sweaters.
They took up an ample amount of space and became a source of irritation to him...
...there was no reason for the amount I owned he would say...I suppose 55 was a little much. Ha!

That was my 20's... when quantity won over quality.
In my 30's I have pared down and learned to appreciate the value of a nicely knit sweater...
...and keep only a few that will carry over for multiple seasons. My closet is also less cluttered.  

There is nothing more cozy than a chunky sweater. Hot chocolate in hand. Old movie on the TV.
Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday.

All images are from Free People.


  1. Love them all and I can't agree more--->quality over quantity these days....even in regards to my friendships! ha!

  2. I have been noticing your sweaters with a bit of envy since we have been in the 80's and 90's of late, but with promises of a rainy winter (please Lord!), a few sweaters may see the light. :) Love the cozy cuddles of sweaters.