Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's warm outside in November and you should eat a doughnut.

My mums are blooming.
The windows are open.
Sophia read her book in the sunshine barefoot on the front porch.
I picked beets from my garden.
I wore sandals while I raked leaves.

Just a regular old November day in Northern Illinois. {insert confused face here}

Quote from Sam:
"Mom, the weather is getting me really mad!
We should be wearing hats and sweatshirts and seeing our breath outside right now.
Fall is being wasted on warm weather. It's the worst year!"

Only some in the house are happy with 75 and sunny.
This is most likely the last hurrah....we will not have this again until April!
You will not hear me complain. :) case you don't know this, tomorrow is {yet another}  National Doughnut Day.

We love doughnuts.
Jeff and I actually loved doughnuts before they were trendy.
Now they are a "thing" Coffee. and Cupcakes.
{I think the cupcake trend is coming to a close it's doughnuts all the way...
...which is fine by us.}

If you google, you will find that National Doughnut Day is very important.

How special to have TWO National days dedicated to something so wonderful.
I may even put up streamers and balloons..not sure yet...
...I may be too busy stuffing my face...with doughnuts.

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  1. Ha, I think you are warmer than us today. The high was maybe 69 and it is supposed to be 49 tonight. I feel cold...our big picture window is letting in the cool air. Last week we were complaining about the heat,and today everyone was so happy it rained last night. We are still fair weather people for sure.
    We had a family on our street that would make donuts for everyone. Hot right out of the pan, full of sugar. Those were so good.