Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This is going to be hard....

Even saying "this is going to be hard" sounds absolutely ridiculous when compared with
other people's lives and what others have to go through in this world.
Or what Christ did when He died on that cross for our sins.

I live a lovely life.

I have a hard working husband who I can trust and who loves me and takes care of me.
I have six wonderful children.

I have never had to send my children to bed hungry.
They have always had shoes and clothes and a winter coat and warm beds to sleep in.
I have nothing to complain about.

With all that being said...tomorrow is the start of Lent.
during this season I will NOT be... TALKING ON THE PHONE.

This may sound silly to some...but I LOVE to talk to people!
..in real life and on the phone. So not talking...will be hard for me.

The phone can sometimes be a bit of a distraction too.
If anyone calls at anytime...I'll usually stop what I'm doing and talk!

I want to use this time to really focus on my relationship with God
and be more focused on the people in my house.

Feel free to send me a text or an email.
Maybe I will improve my texting etiquette...I can be a really bad respond-er.

Now go eat a Paczki!

P.S. We're reading this this book too. I promise you will enjoy it.
A short story a day during the season of Lent.

1 comment:

  1. I'll be expecting super long, detailed text messages!!!! 😊😉

    Happy Lent, girlfriend!! a little less distraction in life is always a good idea. xox