Monday, July 18, 2016


...thinks he's big stuff.

.....will sit forever if you read him a book.

...would eat "faffles" {waffles} and blueberries all day everyday.

.....thinks chasing the chickens and making them run is big fun.

...somehow ends up coming into our bed around 3am {almost}every night. the snuggliest, cuddliest little thing in the world. very loved.

The toddler years go by so fast.
You feel like they will go on forever, and then one day,
you turn around and they are all grown up! sniff, sniff.

It's bittersweet really...I loved when all my kids were little...but I love them growing up too.
Each stage is so much fun.

However, I am thankful we get the chance to have a toddler in the house again.
Because toddlers are adorable and it's the best and I love every second of it!

{except when he cries during church so I take him up front with me to lead music and he whips his little body and tries to get down half way through a song....then I just want to throw the precious little toddler out the window!}

Happy Monday.


  1. love his little Toms. i've got to meet him before he grows up anymore! xo

  2. I was going to say, "I am so glad you had him!" He is so so cute.
    My grands are here for one day...but got here at 5 AM this morning. I have loved making food, reading stories, changing clothes, kissing cheeks...I am pooped. Grandpa took them to the park. Yay! But I think I hear returning voices. :) The best, but yeah, whew.