Monday, July 25, 2016

Over the weekend....

....we had two girls and one boy home.
......two of our boys were up north fishing. boy is still in Mexico.
......we went swimming.
...the garden grew. was confirmed in my mind I will never live in the south.
{I HATE humidity!}
...Jeff preached in church and I really liked his sermon. was very hot.
...we made pizzas.
.......I tried my first Boba Tea. I had NO idea those "blueberries" are really tapioca.
{Try a Boba'll know what I'm talking about.}

Hope your week was off to a great start.

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  1. Amen on humidity! Yikes! I had never experienced it until I moved to the East Coast and boy was I in for a surprise. After the loooooongest winter ever the weatherman finally said it would be a lovely 81 degrees. I straightened my, naturally curly, hair, walked outside and BAM! My hair instantly started to curl, I couldn't breathe and the air felt thick. I thought I was about to pass out until someone explained it was a thing called humidity! LOL I mean, it's gonna be 111 here today, but it's DRY heat. Very different, VERY different. Have a great day Liz, wish I could taste your yummy pizzas and pastries at the new coffee joint! xo-Chris