Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We live in an old, small town, in a medium sized old house with really old windows and a really old wood stove and a great big sugar maple out front.

Our town has a population of 200.
But they haven't changed the sign since Allison, Sophia or Frankie have been born..
...so make that 203. ;)

Our town has...
a school. a church. a fire station and 5 stop signs....that's it. Really.

We are surrounded by cornfields and trees.
Our windows are old. Our doors are old. Our driveway is waaaay too old!
It's pretty and quiet and a perfect place to raise kids.

We're about to start year #15 in this house of our's.
{....and we STILL haven't gotten around to remodeling
the 1960's upstairs bathroom...hello powder blue tile and ancient sink.}
...someday, someday.

When Jeff and I were married we decided the first house we bought we'd live in forever.
So here we are, in our forever house. Content.

Sometimes we dream....
Jeff and the kids look for property out in the country with a million acres.
I on the other hand, am on this Chicago real estate email list of houses only Bill Gates could afford.

To be honest though, the older I get, the more I appreciate
no traffic, pretty country views and shorter lines at the grocery store.
I MAY have even recently told Jeff I perhaps don't want to dream of living in the city anymore....
...he asked who I was and where did his wife go???

I actually surprised myself with that one! Ha.

I am excited for wood stove fires and crunchy leaves and all the bees going into hibernation!

Happy Tuesday to you.

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  1. I absolutely adore our VERY old fashioned windows that open inwards like big shutters. Only problem is it makes installing a window ac unit or a portable that needs to vent impossible. But those first warm days of spring, or this time of year when the air is crisp there is nothing better than swinging them wide open!