Monday, February 13, 2017

13 Things I do for Jeff every single day....

....or at least I WISH I did!
If anyone could attest to my failures as a wife, it would be Jeff.
I'm thankful for the grace he gives and that he loves me anyway.
The man I married puts up with a lot.... remember my tea story? {rolls eyes}

Since it's the week of love, I thought I'd share a list of little things a wife can do to keep marriage fun!
...and vice/versa! A husband can do these things too.

Things A Wife Can Do To Keep Fun In The Marriage

1. Fix UP! Make up, old sweat pants and hole-y tshirt you painted the living room in.
A husband wants to see his wife pretty.

2. Wear pretty underwear and bras...and yes ladies, lingerie! {if your husband likes it..wink}

3. Wear clothes your husband likes...if he likes that red sweater, wear it.
If he likes you in a skirt..put one on. If he likes your sweat pants, then by all means..wear them!

4. Keep mints/gum next to your bed or under your pillow... never know when you're going to need fresh breath.

5. Surprise your husband with a massage.
I am the worst massage-r in the world, so this one is hard for me.
Are you reading Jeff?  ....this I will work on! {wink}

6. Be spontaneous!
As children get older, spontaneity starts to fly out the your best to hold on.
Seize those little moments... sometimes a quick "chat" while hiding out in the closet is fun and just what you need to keep your marriage exciting. Backseats, garages...etc.
Really, your options are endless. Ha! Be creative.

7. Keep those legs shaved! No man likes stubble.
{or your face if you're a man...unless your wife likes a beard, then don't shave}

8. Send love's the modern love note.
Send "pictures" to your husband if you're brave enough.
Just double, triple or even quadruple check the number before you hit send.

9. Only say happy things when he walks in the door from work.
This one is hard on a bad day....but do your best to not complain! No one likes to be around a crank.
I promise it pays off...your evening will start out on a positive note and the mood will be lighter.

10. The ten minute pick up. {This idea from my neighbor....we've been doing it forever.}
Ten minutes before your husband gets home, set a timer and have the kids pick up the house for ten.
No husband wants to come home to a pig sty. ...and no wife wants to live in one. Pick up!

11. Pray for your husband! Praying for him will not only encourage him, but you as well.
I can't tell you how much praying for my husband makes me fall in love with him.

12. Surprise your husband with a date..or a night at home with no kids.
Let's be honest, most husbands don't plan dates...instead of being down for him not being romantic,
be the date planner!  You'll both have a great the end, no matter who plans, it's a win, win.

13. Make him breakfast before work. Pack a lunch for him. Make him something special
each will start the day off right.

HaPpY Valentines Day.


  1. This is so sweet. Thank you so much! I greatly enjoyed this read. You have encouraged me. Yay!!for my husband(wink)..

  2. Such a great list!!! Love this.