Thursday, February 2, 2017

Old coats and muddy puddles and warm-ish days.

....his little face was this serious most of the time.

"We're going on a bear hunt...we're going to catch a big one."
He really thought we would....down the path, behind the trees, under the branches.
Unfortunately we never did. Probably because bears don't roam free in Illinois.

We read the the book often.
He loves it. so do I. If you don't have it...Get it!

It's smelled like spring...and felt like spring earlier this week.
37 degrees...we almost pulled out the sandals!

Today it all changed. We had sunshine, but Brrrrr.....!

I do love winter..but these walks and windows slightly cracked
open in the bedrooms for fresh air are making me long for spring.
{...don't tell Jeff about the cracked windows...something about wasting heat?
but we heat with no energy lost, right?}

His little brown jacket is from Gymboree ... it's 19 years old and has been worn by all the boys.
I bought it for Tyler when he was a baby.  I'm not a big saver...but I'm glad I have this little coat.

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